For our joy

Hello, Cris and Renato!

I want to thank you for the work you’re doing, especially for broadcasting on an open radio and television network and for the content, which uses intelligence and scientific foundation.

It was thanks to an invitation, from the Love School, to attend one of your lectures in Vila Mariana, that I met the Almighty God. I don’t recall ever hearing anyone speak about God the way you did. I thought that there might be “something” of sorts, but that’s not where my focus was, nor was I the least bit interested.

Well, I walked in to listen to a lecture, but walked out completely different. I wanted to go back and continue going until today, always wanting more. Besides that, with this work, I learned why I didn’t take certain steps, and how they can harm me or benefit me.

I regained confidence in my beliefs, and learned how to deal with difficult situations by remembering to put myself in the other person’s shoes. I’m always learning from you guys (and your disciples). I consider myself a work in progress, because I still need to incorporate some of the teachings into my day-to-day.

Thank you.

Oh, I went to the Total Transformation of Parents and Children, where valuable lessons are being taught… it confirmed certain concepts I already had, but changed others.

Cintia Mayer

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