Finally, I surrendered!

I am 19 years old but I’m not sure if it’s possible to describe the experience I had that day!

The first time I stepped on our property, I made a hole, buried my mother’s name in it and determined that one day she would be there to attend a meeting with me.

Though three years have passed, she came with me this Sunday. She had pain throughout all of her body. When the pastor asked, she didn’t want to say anything, but she left the meeting healed!

I believe that every day the cathedral is being built, God’s eyes are going to be over this place and He will see my request buried there and being built upon day by day.

How about me? I knew this would be a very special day. When we arrived and waited for the bishop to begin, the piano player sang and I forgot I was in the middle of a crowd, it was just God and I. I asked Him to speak to me, reveal Himself to me and whatever happened would stay saved inside me for the rest of my life.

Days before, while still not knowing what to do, I wondered if what God wanted from me was what I really did not see myself capable of doing. Situations happened, choices, fear, doubt, insecurity, but I had to decide what was right! All things work together, yes, but something rekindled inside of me on Sunday!

When the bishop said: “When you are the sacrifice itself, the fire of the Almighty will light up in you and the promises of God will overtake you.” Ahhh! Everything I was reluctant to surrender to God, I could no longer run, everything was so clear, it all made sense to me.

We began seeking the Holy Spirit and bishop said: “Tell God that you are FINALLY GOING TO SURRENDER and this gentle breeze is Him blowing upon you.” The sky was cloudy, but the sun made its way through the heavens at that very moment. The gentle breeze touched my face, and I said: “FINALLY, I SURRENDERED!”

It was not an emotion, it was a conviction, and the fire lit inside of me at that very moment. The same happened when I had my encounter with God, I began understanding many things, everything changed and I felt like running out to tell everyone that I had found Jesus!

My friends said to me, “Did you convert?” lol. But I think it was much more than that.

Now I know why I was born, I finally surrendered my life correctly!

Valkyrie Dias

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