Discrimination vs. Inferiority Complex

Unfortunately discrimination and inferiority complexes exist in today’s society. Discrimination is something that you suffer from the outside in. On the other hand, an inferiority complex takes place from the inside out – it already exists within the person, who then externalizes it. It is necessary for you to understand these two concepts in order to overcome them, since both can cause major damage.

By definition, discrimination happens when there is an unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things. A person may be discriminated because of their race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, social status, etc.

Therefore, discrimination presents itself as a problem that comes from other people that are influenced by society. You start being discriminated because of your skin color. You may often be criticized because you’re black. Because you are black, you are pushed to the back. You are discriminated in school, at work, in your love life, among your peers. People do not see you as a human being; they look at you and see a black man or a black woman.

However, if you have a living faith in the Living God, the discrimination that happened in the past, is happening today and will happen in the future, will not affect you. Because the faith that is inside you is not a black faith, it is a living faith. The color of your skin is black, but your faith has no color. Your faith is a spirit that pushes you forward, that drives you towards sacrifice, towards success and towards achievements. It has no color, it is a spirit, a power within you.

However, discrimination is not the biggest problem. These words that come from the outside in aren’t the biggest problem because they can always be blocked. You can always say, “I’m black and I can”, even if you’re being judged by the color of your skin, you must judge yourself by the faith that is in you, and yes you can!

The biggest problem is called inferiority complex, which, if you would like to know more about it, is defined as an intense feeling of inferiority, producing a personality characterized either by extreme reticence or, as a result of overcompensation, by extreme aggressiveness.

Maybe this is what has happened to you. Deep inside, you have this conviction that you’re less, smaller, inferior. And, as you cower before situations, you end up embracing an inadequate, shy, timid behavior. You retreat because of this destructive feeling you harbor inside. Even though you are strong, you see yourself as being weak; even though you are intelligent, you feel like you know less than everyone else in the room, like you have no skills or qualities.

Conquer this complex that lies within you and do not pay any mind to the discriminations! Start saying: I’m black, and I can!

May the God of the Bible bless you!

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