Day 40 of the 40 Day Fast of Jesus

” I have done everything, but God hasn’t blessed my finances”

About 25 years ago I attended a vigil at the Portuguesa Gymnasium, here in Sao Paulo, where Bishop Macedo spoke about each person’s duties in the Work of God. At the time I thought, “Well, this is not for me because I don’t do the Work of God, nor am I going to. I’m not an assistant, I’m not a pastor’s wife and I have no calling. I should have stayed home in bed sleeping… ” I was such a silly girl!

The bishop said that, among Christians, there are two kinds of people and we had to determine which one we were right there and then, during the vigil, and decide what kind of Christian we would be from that day forth. He was asking us to make a big decision:

“Either you have the calling to serve on the Altar and you are going to decide right now that you are going to serve Him on the Altar, or you don’t have the calling to be on the Altar but are going to become a sponsor of the Altar. It’s one or the other. So, now choose what your role will be in the Kingdom of God!”

Wow! The penny dropped! It’s not because I don’t have a calling to be on the Altar that I am not obliged to fulfill my role for the Altar. Any Christian who does not serve on the Altar should know they have an obligation to prosper, because their role as sponsors must be fulfilled.

Maybe you have a desire to prosper and prove to your family that you aren’t the average Joe they’re constantly saying you are. Maybe it’s to boost your own self-esteem. Or it may be to shove it in your enemies’ face so they can see how well off in life you are. Whatever the reason, the intentions can widely vary, but they should be summarized in just one: fulfill the role you were called to do. Maybe this is why you have “done everything”, but your life hasn’t changed?

I did not leave that vigil being a sponsor of the Altar because I didn’t even have a job yet, but I left knowing what my role should be in the Work of God (which I, incidentally, thought I would not be part of – nor aspired to be a part of – because I wasn’t looking to occupy a position or wear a uniform).

Being able to show people that you are prosperous is good. Being able to show those who doubted your ability that you are now prosperous is also good. Silence your enemies with your good testimony is great. However, better than all of this is that you are – like many of us say we want to be – in the center of God’s will. And God’s will is to reach more people, bring the maximum amount of souls to His Kingdom and this can’t be done without men of God willing to preach throughout the world, but it also can’t be done without money.

These two things cannot be separated within the Work of God, because without them, it is impossible to fulfill the order to “Go and preach”. I do not live to serve on the Altar, this is not my calling, but by no means does this make the order to “Go preach” not for me. Personally, I am not the one going, but I have an obligation to support those who are. We need both things in the same proportions.

Nonetheless, don’t think that the Work of God will stop if you do not sponsor it. What will happen is that if you don’t do your part – with the right intention – God will replace you with someone. The Work of God will not lose, but you will, because you will be making it impossible for God to work in your life. Those who God can count on are the ones who will receive what was meant to be yours.

Life is about choices and you must define your role as a Christian: are you going to serve on the Altar or are you going to sponsor the Altar?

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