Day 34 of the 40 Day Fast of Jesus

Declaration of love to my God

I believe that all those who practice or have practiced the Word of God (Faith) know this passage:

My beloved is mine, and I am his. He feeds his flock among the lilies. Songs 2.16

Well, today I can say, with all certainty and quite clearly, that during the last couple of days, I have experienced this in the perfect presence of the Living God. I can say loud and clear: “MY BELOVED IS MINE, AND I AM HIS!”

Today is my 34th birthday, and throughout all these years, only the last three have made a difference in my life, because this is when I came to the Universal Church. And even if I were covered in gold and silver, their value would still be incomparable to what I have experienced these past days in the presence of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel).

I owe all this to the Universal Church, who offered me the opportunity to learn how to use a Living Faith, a Supernatural Faith.

I especially want to thank Bishop Macedo, who surrendered his life and sacrificed it on the Altar, to provide us with what we are currently experiencing:

– Vigil of Redemption;

– Vigil of the White Robes;

– Fast of Jesus; and

– The Extraordinary Temple of Solomon.

I want to thank everyone who is part of this big family, whether they are physical friends and family or virtual ones, and with the utmost regard and admiration:

– Rosangela Pereira (my love, my wife);

– Sander Ascensio (a great friend, who has been an example of overcoming adversities);

– Bishop Sergio Correa (Man of God – Assistants in Focus);

– Renato and Cristiane Cardoso (man and woman of God);

– The pastors and men of God who have passed through the Church in Barra Velha (SC), who with great patience and care also contributed to strengthen my Faith (Pr. Fabio, Pr. Arialdo, Pr. Adriano, Pr. John and Pr. Antonio).

To all, I am sincerely thankful…

Thank you, Bishop Macedo!

And together, we will achieve the extraordinary in the House of Sacrifice… The Temple of Solomon!

Edson Gomes de Melo

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