Day 30 of the 40 Day Fast of Jesus

Oh! What a privilege!

Good Morning Bishop!

When I hear about all the great things that are happening, my soul vibrates with joy and happiness.

One of these things was the Vigil, where everyone wore white clothes. What a glorious and unforgettable night! Honestly, I know we are not worthy of such a privilege, but the love of God has allowed us to enjoy a priceless spiritual feast: the Fast of Jesus, the greatest Israel Challenge, the Revival Vigil and finally the inauguration of the Temple of Solomon.

Gee… Everything, coming together at once!

It’s like a plate filled with all the necessary nutrients for our body, containing vitamins A to Zinc, and those who eat from this plate become strong! During these times, you will only remain weak if you want to.

Isn’t this an immense privilege?!

We can see the magnitude of love and care that God has for us through all these things. But I understand, above all, the extreme need to have our whole life constantly on the Altar, because the truth is, such care means something much greater, valuable and eternal: the Salvation of our soul.

Thinking back to how my life was a few years ago, I can hardly believe I now have access to the presence of God at all times, all because of the faith I learned about at the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God. A faith that has changed and continues changing the lives of those who put it into practice.

Who knew that 4 years ago, that young woman, who was a troubled, suffering, insomniac homosexual; this is, who didn’t have a reason to live, could find herself today with a completely transformed life, about to enter the Temple that she saw for first time on the Church’s newspaper as a mere preview of its construction?

The picture of that beautiful Temple was the cover of the Church’s newspaper (about 4 years ago) and was given to me by my uncle, who said: “Look what we’re going to build!” – he said this with such joy.

Of course, at the time, the evil spirit that lived in me completely disliked the idea, but I was forced to recognize that there was something different about this place; I just didn’t know what it was. At that moment, something unexplainable happened as I looked at the picture. So much so, that I will never forget that day.

I did not know, but I would soon be converted, delivered, born of God and have my life transformed. Today, exactly four years later, I am an assistant who will be consecrated in the Temple of Solomon. Oh… I can’t even believe it, but it’s true! Lol.


My God, this is such a privilege!

Before, I would park my car right in front of a UCKG, and it meant nothing to me, but just by looking at the picture of the Temple I was able to see the glory of God.

During those four years, my life was also built up, but now, after its inauguration, I know there is much more to come.

As an assistant, I must confess not starting off too well. I committed many mistakes and sins because I thought I was serving the UCKG, as an institution, and its pastors. I thought my work needed to be recognized by a man. What a mistake!

I am so embarrassed to think back to when I began, but God took care of me throughout these years and gave me an especially big present on the 20th of June.

My life started from zero, the sins of the past stayed in the past, and a new assistant came forth, a change happened. I received a new heart and a new mind; everything is brand new. It was and is difficult, but through faith and a sincere heart we have access to the Presence of God, and in turn, He has guaranteed His throne in our hearts.

Today, I look at the picture of the Temple every night and I always get emotional. Not only by the grandeur of this construction, but, above all, for what it represents in this world: the SALVATION and TRANSFORMATION of lives on a UNIVERSAL level! It represents thousands of new temples that were erected and spread across the Earth, which, through Sacrifice, show the glory of God. These new temples are and will be each one of us! Lol, this is very strong!

I long for this day… walking into the Holy of Holies, in the faith of the extraordinary! This is what will happen! I’m going to be victorious!

Given everything that is happening, I praise and thank our great God!

Thank God for the faith, for the Universal Church and for each one of your lives, who are like true parents to us because you’ve surrendered your lives in our favor, and you don’t even know us personally.

Those who are called and chosen understand the magnitude of these events.

This goes for all those who believe.

Thank you, Bishop!

Nathália de Araújo Carvalho – Brasília –D

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