Day 21 of the Fast of Daniel

Let him hear what the Spirit says:

Elisangela Gomes

Good morning to everyone!
Oh, what a day!!!!!
Today is the day I was born again!
It is an unforgettable day in my life, a special day. I have no words to describe it. I can’t stop smiling, because I received the Holy Spirit of God, the Greatest Good anyone can receive.
Thank you Bishop for helping me find Him and quench my thirst.
I live in Singapore and I’m doing the Fast of Daniel. There was a desert in my innermost being. I came here alone with my husband, and the rest of my family is in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Because of my husband’s job, I find myself alone most of the time. However, God knows all things and when I find myself alone, I connect to the Word of God. This has helped bring me closer to my Lord Jesus.
I downloaded the Universal App on my phone, I log onto TV Universal, I listen to your messages and read your blog every day.
This morning, I listened to your message and felt such a peace. I fell asleep and dreamt that I was in the house of the Lord Jesus, praising, listening to the Word of God. I woke up to my phone ringing. Later, I was making lunch, but I stopped and turned everything off. I went to listen to your message of the day, which I didn’t get to finish and that’s when you started talking. I was already certain that today would be the greatest day of my life, the day of my Salvation, the day of my true encounter with my Lord, the day I would be born again.
When you said for us to receive the Holy Spirit, it began raining so hard and with it, my body was also filled with an immense joy. Tears rolled down my face and I was speechless. All I could do was cry, smile and thank my God.
There are no words to express what I’m feeling; it’s peace, joy, light, conviction. I felt like shouting for the world to hear.
I kissed and embraced my Bible. Today, I know that I am a child of God, I was baptized with the Holy Spirit.
Thank you, Lord Jesus.
Thank you, Bishop.
Thank you, UCKG

Eliana Souza
Bishop, it seems so easy to serve God, all we have to do is surrender our lives to Him. However, the more we delve into the world of faith, the more we must fight. This may seem like a beautiful and encouraging message, but it’s a battle we must wage everyday. This battle happens against ourselves, within us. The following lines are written without embellishing this struggle, they are written in all honesty.
To be in the world is to be in complete darkness, and the world of faith does not exist in this stage. I’m sorry that I had to hit rock bottom to learn to give God the due respect. He is the creator of all things, the heavens, the earth, nature, which gives us the air we breathe.
Nightlife, promiscuity, anger, aggression, depression, fear of death, etc. lead to the struggles of those who seek to be in the faith. In regard to this, I have great gratitude to God. He removed me from complete loss.
Now, I’m seeking the Holy Spirit, since I gained this knowledge. But, thank God, this immense gratitude is not enough, because despite not living in sin, lies or deceit I still don’t possess the largest and grandest blessing that was promised to those who believe and have a commitment with the Most High.
Today, thanks to the Light of the Lord Jesus, it was revealed to me that the Holy Spirit does not accept to be in second place in our lives.
He is not a means to achieve what we want.
He is what we should want and desire with all our strength.
He is God!
He must be above all things: my personal projects, obtaining significant social status, being recognized by people, getting married, having children, graduating, my pride, my love for a singer (almost a veneration), the desires of my heart.
Bishop, all I know is that I need to access the source of the Water of Life, because my life has been dark without the light of the Lord Jesus.
The journey is long, but I refuse to return to the filthy world I came from!
I know what I experienced and I know what God has done for me. I believe His plans are even greater. I also know that it depends solely on how much I give, because I am going to receive the same measure.
In the faith of the Fast of Daniel!
Thank you Bishop for all your teachings, which are always based on the Word of God.
Kind regards




Hello, Bishop. I would like to tell you my testimony, the marvelous experience that just happened to me a little while ago.

I was born in the Church and grew up listening to the Word, but I fell away from the faith when I was 14 years old because I wanted to find out was in the world, but I ended up lost in it. I started taking English classes and soon began dating. I became rocker and delve deep into this dark lifestyle.

Though I didn’t lack anything in my life, I was unhappy. My mother has been in Church for over 15 years and her life never changed. She’s the type of “fanatic believer” that can’t stand to hear anyone speak ill of you because her anger quickly becomes visible. Unfortunately, she does not know God, only man. But I determine she will be set free! But anyways, I was very depressed, antisocial, sad, I cut myself, etc. I hurt myself, because I thought that the internal pain would be ‘relieved’ by the external pain. For 5 years, I lived in this lonely world, where I met many people living in the same sadness as me. To fill the void, I had to have all the attention on me. And how did I do this? By exposing myself on the Internet, with vulgar pictures that showed off my body, so that I’d gain popularity grew. By doing this, I felt “admired”. I had online sex, and dated men and women I met online. I’d get drunk and used drugs cigarettes, marijuana and sometimes cocaine, but I never became addicted (thank goodness). I was empty and tried to fill the void with people, places, sex, drinks, satanic music, cutting… And during that time, I, who was born in the Church, decided to become an atheist. I was convinced there was no God and blasphemed against Him. Bishop, look how the Lord had compassion and mercy on me. I blasphemed things like, “If adultery is sin, why did God impregnate the wife of another man?” or “They need to remove that phrase from our money!” Look at the critical situation I was in. I was angry with everyone – the Lord, the Church, where I was a member at one time. My God, I am ashamed of those things, but I am not ashamed to share them with you here, because I believe that can serve as a lesson to someone who is going through the same thing as me.

My life was ruined. On the outside, things seemed to be fine but on the inside, I was destroyed. I felt like garbage, until I met a guy and we started dating. Soon after, I became pregnant, and he left me. I thought it was the end of my life I tried to abort by drinking cannabis tea and strong alcoholic drinks, but I wasn’t able to. I hated my daughter throughout the entire pregnancy, and called her “thing”. Just writing this breaks my heart because I acted with such ignorance. I knew it was my fault, but I needed to blame someone, so I kept the hatred I had for her father inside myself. I always imagined him being lynched until he lost consciousness or that he could be arrested. But, this actually brought me to God. Gradually, after 5 years apart from God, I found the strength to return. This was due to my mother and friends’ prayers, who still went to Church. So, I went back to Christ, was baptized in water and fixed my relationship with God.

This is my first Fast of Daniel, and at first it was difficult, because my flesh screamed so much that I was doing things carelessly, just to say that I was doing it. But your daily messages, always exhorting us to do things the right way, with words of truth, I became aware of what I should do to come closer to God. I didn’t expect to feel anything; I just used my faith, without emotions or sentimentality. I meditated on the Bible, listened to your messages, sought God’s in the mornings, and attended the most important meetings on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Yesterday, I went outside at dawn to speak to God, and as I looked up to the immense beauty of the sky, I realized that I was chosen, that God loves me and that’s why He didn’t let me die without first changing my life. I spoke to God, in the cold of the night, but I was overjoyed to know that I am chosen.

Today, during your message, you explained why some people don’t have the Holy Spirit, even though they’re very “godly”. You also spoke about complete and total surrender, and that’s when I decided to give up everything (even though I had already begun this surrender before). I said to God, “It’s my all for Your ALL Lord. Here I am, here I am”. A peace and joy came over me at that moment. I didn’t feel anything, nor did I expect to feel something, I just believed that God was there, watching me and receiving all of my life. He contemplated me with the honor of knowing Him. Then, you said, “Now you know what I am speaking about, now you understand me”.  How wonderful! I cried, I wanted to shout praises, but I remained peaceful. I had no words to express how grateful I was to the Most High. Oh, what a wonderful day! A magnificent moment!

Thank you my Lord, for giving me this honor and for giving Bishop Macedo the inspirations to teach us Your will each day!




Even the little ones understand the voice of the Eternal!

I would like to share the joy of knowing that my 5-year-old son is doing the Fast of Daniel. Yesterday, at school, they had a movie for the students, but when the teacher called him to go see the movie, he said no to the teacher. He asked her if he could stay in the class and she asked him why? He explained that he was doing the Fast of Daniel. It was a simple act, but I was very happy, because if I did, imagine how God felt with the faithfulness of a child for the purpose of receiving the Holy Spirit. His name is Samuel, and he says that when he goes to the Temple one day, he would like to give you a hug Bishop Macedo.



Samuel Serafim de Carvalho

Hello Bishop Macedo, my name is Samuel and I’m 13 years old. I would like to share what God did and continues doing in my life.

I was born in the Church and my parents are assistants, but when I was 10 and 11, I lived apart from God. Though I was very young, I did a lot of things wrong. I didn’t like going to Church, I went because my parents forced me to go. During the meetings, my head would be in the clouds and wouldn’t pay attention to anything. I had no commitment with God.

But, my mother made a vow for me when I was 12, and I began to get involved with God. I joined the Church’s youth group, became firmer with God and after many months, I had an encounter with God. But there was still something missing. There was a void and that’s when the Fast of Daniel began. I started listen to your messages and seeking the Holy Spirit every day. I prayed to God with sincerity, but I remember that in my prayers, I’d say, “Father, I don’t want to feel an emotion because that will not quench my thirst. I want to have Your Spirit, because that is the only way for my thirst to be quenched”. Then, on 10/6/2015, I was sure of my baptism with the Holy Spirit, which I had sought for such a long time. Now I found my Jesus…. Oh, what a day!!! I must confess Bishop that I did not cry, I did not feel an emotion, but the Holy Spirit confirmed His Baptism in me, because while I was praising God, my soul was filled with joy. While searching for words to praise Him, the Holy Spirit filled my mouth with heavenly words, and all I could do was laugh with joy and praise Him even more! Now I know the will of my Lord, and I want my adolescence, youth and life to be used by God to serve Him, testifying that He is alive. So that the same way He changed me, others can also be transformed! Thank you Lord Jesus, and thank you Bishop Macedo, for allowing yourself to be used by God in this great Work of the Holy Spirit!!!

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