Day 2 of the Fast of Daniel

How is it possible…


How is it possible…
To love someone you do not know?
To follow and serve the Unknown?
To have faith in the Spirit of Faith and not know Him in all His fullness?
The Spirit of God is the substitute of the Lord Jesus nowadays. Just as Jesus led, guided and protected His disciples, His Spirit also does this with his followers today.

In fact, it is impossible to love Him, follow Him and serve Him without knowing Him. This is the work of the Spirit of God!
He alone can REVEAL, ANNOUNCE His Son Jesus.

But then the following question arises: What do I have to do for the Holy Spirit to realize this work in me?
You must want to know Him more than anything else in this world.

This is what happened with Zacchaeus.
He was head of the thieves, greedy, selfish, etc. He was as much of a sinner as he was short in height.
But that did not stop him from knowing Jesus and receiving Him in his home. Why is that?
Though he was filled with sins, Zacchaeus was still overcome with an enormous desire to meet Him.
This was enough to be called, chosen and sit at the table with the Lord Jesus.

Then he said to me, “Write: ‘Blessed are those who are called to the marriage supper of the Lamb!’” Revelation 19.9

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