Day 12 of the Fast of Daniel

The Mark of Cain

Let the unbelievers hear what the Spirit says:

Surely You have driven me out this day from the face of the ground; I shall be hidden from Your face; I shall be a fugitive and a vagabond on the earth, and it will happen that anyone who finds me will kill me. Genesis 4.14

It is definite, just as the seed of obedience produces blessings, the seed of disobedience brings curses.

And the worst curse of disobedience is the absence of FAITH.

The signs of the mark of Cain were: fugitive, wandering the earth and fear. This is, he was a pit of doubts.

Doubt generated fear, which generated distrust, which generated worry, which generated weakness and he became a cursed man. These are characteristics of the children of darkness.

the wages of sin is death… Romans 6.23

Without FAITH it is impossible to please Him; (Hebrews 11.6)

Without FAITH it is impossible to approach God;

Without FAITH it is impossible to obtain the Promises of God;

Without FAITH it is impossible to have life since the just shall live by FAITH. (Hebrews 10.38)

Without FAITH, mankind is subject to the plans of evil.

Because evil is a spirit, it is impossible to confront him with physical and conventional weapons. A much more powerful spiritual weapon is required to overcome him.

FAITH is the only spiritual Power that is able to overcome all of hell.

Knowing this, evil puts all his strength into trying to prevent man from possessing the Spirit of FAITH.

This is why, when it’s time to seek the Holy Spirit, evil thoughts, worries, doubts, fears, etc. surface out of nowhere.

It is precisely to distract your attention away from the Holy Spirit.

Faith is the Power of God that emanates from His Holy Spirit.

Octavio has a doubt. He asks:
I’ve been in a relationship with someone for 1 year and we live together in the same house. This happened without us ever being officially married. I would like to know if this sinful behavior could contribute negatively to me not receiving the Holy Spirit? Bishop, I’m asking for help because I’m 100% surrendered to this Fast of Daniel, but so far, nothing has happened. I’m being plagued by negative thoughts…
Have a good day and God bless you.

Octavio’s question is relevant because it addresses the root of all evil that afflicts mankind: sin.

My dear Octavio, you said yourself that this relationship is a sinful act. You have condemned yourself. This means you have numerous doubts. This is the worst evil that sin does to man. It weakens faith and establishes itself firmly in the person’s consciousness in the form of doubts. And everything that is done with doubt, end up going wrong. I advise you to get rid of that sinful burden, and then, you’ll be able to get rid of the doubts. Through this sacrificial faith, you will be forgiven and receive the Seal of God.
The power of faith is not measured in size, but in quality. This is, absent of any doubt.


Iago Costa
Hello bishop, I want to tell you about the experience I had today, Day 10 of the Fast. Though I did break the Fast by watching porn online and then masturbating because I was warm in the faith and weak. There was such a pain in my soul, because I’ve been in Church for a long time and I know the truth, yet I still did that. Afterwards, I would always ask God for forgiveness and ask the bishops for advice, but I always ended up doing the same thing. So I started listening to your radio program because I couldn’t stand to suffer any longer with that pain in my soul.

In the beginning of the program, you asked us to go somewhere we could be alone, just us and God. And I went to my bedroom, but remembered that I had rice on the stove, so I went back to take a look and remained standing near the stove, leaning over the sink. And, once again, you said, “It won’t work if you’re over there cooking or doing something else…”
So I said: He’s speaking to me (God, Himself, spoke to me through you).
I went to the room and shut the door. I shut the bathroom door and everything remained dark and quiet. However, it still wasn’t enough, so I went into the closet and closed the door. Now it was quiet and calm. There I was, listening to you through my earphones. It was me, you and God. And a miracle happened. I was truly forgiven and there was such humbleness, peace… I don’t know any more words to describe the experience. OH, WHAT A DAY BISHOP!!!
Today, the HOLY SPIRIT touched me. Before, I wasn’t doing the Fast correctly, I was doing things my way, but now I’m going to do it the right way. Because of my sincere surrender and God’s mercy, I was filled with His presence. I am going to dive into the Water of the Fast of Daniel. I’m going to take full advantage of this opportunity.
Thank you Bishop, though I was in sin before God, I always asked Him to bless your life in my prayers.
May God bless you abundantly!

Bishop, I wish this Fast would last until the end of the year. It’s very gratifying to see the entire Church throughout the world, in the same spirit, the same faith, the same purpose, just like on the day of Pentecost. It’s a different kind of feeling…
Nothing in life, that has value, comes for free. We have to sacrifice. And like you said, we must “dig our well” until we find water. The gate is small and narrow, making it difficult to access. You will not be able to go through it carrying a bunch of “baggage” or full of the fat of this world. It’s like climbing a mountain, such as Hermon; it takes a lot of effort. I have climbed some mountains and it’s not easy, because your muscles hurt, your legs get weak, your feet get sore, your body temperature rises, your clothes start to bother, you start breathing heavy and all you feel like doing is turning back and quitting. However, when we go against everything our body is telling us, and follow our mind, to continue our purpose of reaching the top, we find strength even where we don’t have any. And when we reach the top, it’s a marvelous feeling! The views and breathtaking and the joy of having overcome yourself is great too. Not to mention that your body also gets stronger and more resistant. This is also how I see the spiritual side of things. Our life with God is like a math problem; when it’s easy, there’s something wrong, lol. I have the Holy Spirit and I am born of God, but during this Fast, I have sought Him as if I didn’t have the Holy Spirit, as if I weren’t born of God, as if Jesus were returning tomorrow. This changes my way of praying, seeking and humbling myself before God. I’m digging my “Well”, I am seeking Him like never before, because I am thirsty, very thirsty and I don’t want to put a limit on the One who is infinite! Bishop, I always pray for you, so that God will continue using you to bless, guide, teach and exhort us! May God bless you greatly!
Flavia de Lima

Good afternoon, Bishop. Just to think that 2 years ago I was saying that I’d rather go to the witch doctor than go to the Universal Church, and today my life is completely transformed. I was a drug addict, a prostitute and suffered with insomnia. Thoughts of going into the kitchen to get a knife to kill my 6 year old daughter and my grandmother haunted me constantly. I was troubled and had evil spirits in my life, but today I am happy, thanks to my God. I have the Holy Spirit and obey My Father, My Lord, my Great God. I thank Pastor Franklin, who helped me, because I fell away, but came back. Oh, what a day it was when I returned to my Father’s house. It was during a youth group vigil that I had the privilege of receiving the HOLY SPIRIT. Thank you for everything Bishop Macedo. I don’t know you personally, but I know I will one day. In the past, when I was uninformed, I said I hated you, but today I have the greatest respect, admiration and fear for you. And in my prayers, I always pray for God to protect you, Mrs. Esther, your children and all the Pastors, assistants and members of our UNIVERSAL FAMILY.

Glory to God, hallelujah!!!
Blessed be the glorious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. May He be praised forever!!!
My Father, thank you for all the care You’ve shown me by answering my prayers and speaking to me. You have explained everything. Honestly, if it weren’t for You in my life, I confess I would be ruined.
Thank you my Father, thank You for everything, especially for Your mercy, forgiveness, grace and power in my life.
Indeed, we have to continue praying and thanking God for the life of this servant, who is so faithful and obedient to Him. Bishop Macedo is our father of faith today.
Ohhhhh, what a daaayyyyyy! LOL My soul rejoices in JESUS!!!
You are marvelous, sublime and glorious JESUS!!! I love You and want You in my life for all of eternity.
No other purpose is stronger or brings you before the presence of God quicker than the Fast of Daniel.

Thank you, thank you and thank youuuuuuuu…..

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