Day 11 of the Fast of Daniel

The Well is Deep, but..

Let him hear what the Spirit says to the people of Faith:
Though it was deep, the Samaritan woman was always at the well, seeking an essential element for survival, water.

This also happens in the lives of many, because people are willing to go deep; in other words, they will do any sacrifice necessary to achieve their dreams and desires.

The Samaritan woman represents those who, in search of a happy love life, find themselves in their sixth relationship. Still, many others have surrendered to addictions, prostitution, sacrificing their own family or career and many other things, just because of an extramarital affair. There are even some who surrender to a life of crime.

The Lord Jesus knew that the Samaritan woman had problems with her love life, but He also knew that when this problem was solved, her biggest problem would still be there: the thirst for the Water of life.

The Water of Life is truly very deep. However, this does not mean it’s impossible to drink from it. To do so, those who are thirsty must be willing to “pay the price”. This price is to sacrifice everything. Obviously, if we want everything from God, we must surrender our all, even if it is an insignificant and miserable life.

Without the Water of Life, sooner or later, the Samaritan woman would be thirsty again and, who knows if she wouldn’t become discouraged during her search, like so many have done?

This is why we must dive deep into this well; there is no other option. If people are willing to go to great lengths to obtain material possessions, imagine the kind of sacrifice that is needed to resolve all your spiritual problems once and for all.

Those who have made innumerous sacrifices for material things, such as having a deity “take charge of their head”, giving spiritual entities expensive gifts, etc., would go to what extent to drink the Water that the Lord Jesus offers?
This is a conscious sacrificial Faith!

On October 11, we will all be in spirit, together with the seven bishops, representing the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God throughout the world, on the Mount of Transfiguration. From there, we will extend our hands to those who have believed and sacrificed during the Fast of Daniel, so that they will be transfigured and glorified by God the Father, in the Name of God the Son, by the Spirit of God.
Those who believe will see great things!

Collaborated by: Bp. Clodomir Santos

Daniela Tavares
In the Temple of Solomon
Good afternoon, Bishop! Oh, what a day! I had participated in other Fasts of Daniel and of the Fast of Jesus, but nothing ever happened. I was even thinking about not participating in this one and accepting the fact that I would never receive Him. Except, last Sunday God spoke to me in the Temple of Solomon. I decided to continue seeking Him and today I found the One I was eagerly looking for. In front of the Altar, I poured out my life completely. I was determined not to go back home without receiving the Holy Spirit, so I surrendered my life in the presence of God. The assistants were laying hands on the people and I felt whenever someone bumped into me, but I kept persistently seeking. Then, all I could hear was the bishop’s voice and something wonderful happened in me. It was as though no one was next to me, as if I were all alone. As I cried out for Him to bless me with His presence, He touched me. I’m sure I found the Beloved of my soul. Oh, what a day! All I wanted to do was continue praising and expressing my love for Him. I felt light, and as the assistants lay their hands on my head, I received more and more of Him. This was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced; it’s such a joy and pleasure to have been accepted. Today, I am the happiest person on earth and I want more and more. Thank you my Lord, because I was visited by You.

Good afternoon, Bishop!
I spent 15 years of my life deceiving myself, because I “thought” I had the Holy Spirit. Throughout the years, my faith has been like a roller coaster, filled with highs and lows. My will always came first; I deceived others and thought it was normal. I knew I was wrong, but continued making the same mistake… So many times, when the pastor called those who would like to accept Jesus and start a new life to come forward to the front of the Altar, there I’d go with my “crocodile tears”. It felt good at the moment, but I’d go right back to making the same mistakes. Bishop, I reached a point that I couldn’t take it any longer, and I couldn’t stand myself anymore! When the Fast of Daniel started, I saw it as an opportunity to transform myself, so I delve in. However, the first step I had to take was to recognize that I didn’t have the Holy Spirit.  I had never received Him, so I had to remove my mask of pride and arrogance, which had enslaved me all these years. I started all over again, but this time I was willing to sacrifice everything. During the meetings, I almost manifested, because, for the first time, I was opening my heart. Bishop, I had my encounter with God yesterday. I received the Holy Spirit… When the Bishop called those who never had an Encounter to come to the front of the Altar, I went. Though, I must confess that at that moment I thought, “what will everyone think of me?” Those who know me think I’m of God! But I immediately tied up those thoughts, because I was determined not to come back the same. I told God that I no longer wanted that life and asked Him to accept me; otherwise, I would be lost. From that moment on, I wanted to do the Lord’s will, not mine. I felt disgusted with everything I had done wrong. For the first time, I felt truly regretful and something wonderful happened. It’s unexplainable, but I was overcome with the joy of my Lord. I felt a Peace that I had never felt before. Bishop, I received Him, and this time it didn’t just last as long as the prayer. He remained in me and that feeling of wanting to tell others so they can have what I have, that’s true too! The selfish, greedy person that only cared about herself was transformed. This is my conviction, my Faith… Thank you, Bishop!

Costa Junior
Good afternoon, Bishop Macedo! Like a good shepherd, correct me in spirit if I’m wrong. We have examples of the absence of ‘Intelligent Faith’, which generates self-pity and murmuring, like the people of Israel did during their pilgrimage in the desert, even after God made so many signs and wonders while they were captive in Egypt. And after they were freed from captivity, they witnessed the parting of the Red Sea, they still murmured… They looked to the ‘unfavorable’ circumstances (lack of water, lack of food, the large enemy army that had military stature variations), even though they knew God was with their parents and had the power to fulfill all of their needs. It’s interesting that at a given moment, in this context with such disbelief on the part of Israel, two ‘YOUNG VISIONARIES’ showed up, Caleb and Joshua. These two young people were able to channel their revolt, using intelligent faith to visualize (build) their future. And they built it! They inherited the Promise because they didn’t listen to doubt, fear, pessimism, negativity, self-pity… They decided to believe in their relationship with God. This is what I have learned in the school of faith (Temple of Solomon). I’ve learned that faith is essential for man and I have learned how to exercise it rationally. I have learned how to have an intimate relationship with God, through reading and obeying His word, being vigilant with the way I dress, speak and act. I have learned to seek the things from above, keeping my heavenly Treasure safe. This Fast of Daniel has been a true spiritual awakening for me! A spiritual ‘resurrection’! To feel the joy of being saved is so immense!

You are absolutely right. Go in this faith because God is with you!

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