Day 10 of the Fast of Daniel

The Spirit that makes a difference

Good morning, Cris (Can I call you that!? lol).

First, I would like to thank God for your life and second, I would like to thank you for offering it to Him. If this had not happened, I would probably not be here typing these words.

I was introduced to you through an agenda. I was taking a pre-college course and there was a girl who always sat in the front row. She was very dedicated, always received the highest grades and was the best student in the class (there’s no need to mention that she passed the entrance examination with honors). Her commitment caught my attention, but more than that, she transmitted peace with her smile and the light in her eyes.

One day, I saw her picking up your agenda to write down the date of a substitute class and saw the word “Godllywood” written on the cover. This caught my attention, so I looked that word up in Google and found out exactly what it meant. I went to your blog and came across the “Godllywood Challenges”. This is when I became an avid reader of your posts. After a long time, I found out who your family was and that you were part of the Universal Church, as well as Godllywood. Imagine how shocked I was to discover that the author of the blog I liked to read and the site I most enjoyed was the daughter of Bishop Macedo and a member of a Church I was never very interested in and had actually even criticized! This was when I took a look at my life and saw who I was, and who I wanted to be.

I wanted to be different; I wanted to have the same shine in my eyes that I found in you and my classmate. So I got rid of my pride and went to the Church, that I criticized one day, to ask for help. Two years have passed since then and today I am a completely different Amanda. I have not had the opportunity to join the Godllywood Group yet, but it’s already in my plans for next year, since the registrations for 2016 were exhausted. However, the Godllywood self-help came as a present from God to me. Today, I am Godllywood, I am Universal.

Cris, may God bless you even more and inspire you to win souls for Him, just like you won mine.

P.S: You are much more beautiful in person! God bless you and your marriage more and more!

P.S2: To my former classmate: Bruna, if you read this comment, please know that even though I never had a chance to speak to you, and maybe you don’t even know who I am, because there was 200 students in the class, thank you for being used by God! Today I know that your good testimony came from a life filled with the Holy Spirit. Your agenda was what God used to win my soul and change my life. Kisses.

And may the name of Jesus be glorified!

Amanda Vasconcelos

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