Comment about Peter Sword

Very strong, Bishop!
This week I have been reading and meditating a lot about this subject. Peter had the sword because he did not see Jesus as He truly was. As long as we do not see Jesus for who He truly is, and this only happens after we have an encounter with Him, we will remain dependent on the sword.

I was like that, until the day I endured a difficult situation and my “sword” was useless. This was when I had to recognize Jesus for who He truly is.

I think the “rooster’s crow” is necessary to remind us where we came from and where we should never return, who we were and who we should never be again. It is hard to trust people we do not know; this is why there are so many people relying on their “swords”.

May God bless you and grant you good health, so that you can continue in this journey with us.


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