Change your mindset

Good morning, Bishop!

I’m not here to ask for anything, I just want to share my testimony of what happened in my life.

In the beginning of June 2016, I unexpectedly discovered two thyroid nodules in my 12-year-old son (Leonardo). He is the son of a doctor and a soccer athlete, our only child. I was floored! Despaired! Fear and sadness dominated me over the thought of what could happen if the test results (biopsy) proved that the nodules were malignant. These cases, associated with the thymus gland, are very rare. Usually, when this problem occurs in boys, the nodules are often malignant.

I was raised Catholic, but, on a Saturday, when my husband went out with my son and I stayed in bed watching TV, exhausted from the grief and stress of dealing with this whole situation, I watched the Universal Church’s program. They were inviting everyone to participate on Sunday, where there would be strong prayers for healing.

My father had commented that one day he would like to visit the Temple, but I knew there was a certain prejudice against the Universal Church. I was hesitant to ask my parents to come with me that Sunday to the Temple of Solomon. However, I gathered the courage and asked them to accompany me to the Temple on July 3rd, in favor of their grandson’s health, who they loved dearly.

It was a blessing! I realized that as I left the Temple, my soul was filled. Instead of the crying (nonstop), the immense pain in my soul, the vast emptiness I felt for so many years, I now felt fulfilled and at peace. Amazing! It’s a feeling that I had never felt before! Inexplicable! It’s as though I had just come out of surgery.

Soon after, we received the results of my son’s biopsy, which, for the Honor and Glory of the Lord, stated the lumps were benign embryonic remnants of the thymus gland. Now, we just have to keep an eye on them. Leo will do further tests at the end of the year, and I believe that these nodules will disappear, because God has the power to completely heal my son and give him perfect health.

Bishop, your meetings and Bishop Macedo’s meetings are wonderful!!! There are no words to explain it! I haven’t missed one Sunday, neither have my parents. All the prejudice dissipated. With each sermon, all my doubts are clarified. My marriage, which consisted of arguments and indifference, was transformed. And I was also healed by the Holy Spirit, because I used to harbor so much pain, so much hatred due to this situation!!! Amazing! I’ve asked for this for years! I attended prayer groups but nothing ever happened, the emptiness continued in my soul!

Today, I no longer harbor any of these feelings, and my husband is becoming a much kinder person. I can hardly believe it! These are all signs that God has given me! I feel more at peace, and the void in my soul has been filled. We have problems, everyday challenges, but I no longer feel the despair I felt in my soul.

Thank you for everything, and congratulations for the wonderful work of the Universal Church. God has truly blessed me by giving me the privilege to know you!

Each day, I will obey God and His teachings!!!

What you spoke about on August 21st, when you explained the challenges and persecutions of the Church, was fantastic!

Regards, and may God always bless you and the Universal Church in this mission!


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