Ask, seek, knock…


Why do I have to ask if God already knows what I need?
Why do I have to search, if God already knows what I need to find?
Why do I have to knock, if God already knows I’m at the door?

Being omniscient, God already knows all things. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is hidden from His eyes. The past, present and future are like a photograph in Your hands.

Why, then, do I have to constantly strive, ask, seek, fight, persevere, insist, or – in short – sacrifice, in order to take possession of my rights, through Jesus Christ, that were promised in the Bible?

Truly, between desire and fulfillment, there is a great desert to cross. Only the brave and determined will be able to overcome. The timid, cowardly, fearful and, worst of all, those who complain during the crossing of the desert on their way to the promised land, will remain along the way.

How can we know who deserves it and who doesn’t? The personal intuition of the faith of each individual.

The revelation of God’s greatness in this world is not for the adventurous or the curious. Whoever wants to see this greatness in his own life must first prove the greatness of his faith.
Abraham proved the greatness of his faith when he acted and obeyed God’s voice.

“By faith Abraham, when tested, offered Isaac …” Hebrews 11:17

If God tested His friend Abraham, how much more will He test us!

Furthermore: He never asks us for anything we can’t do. The faith that He gives us is to carry out His will.

This faith separates those who belong to him from those who do not. It separates those who believe and put into practice the thoughts of God.

Faith is individual. He judges and decides who deserves to get hold of God’s promises and who doesn’t.

Although everyone has faith, the problem is that not everyone had the courage to obey their intuition.

There is no way to reap the benefits of faith without using faith itself.

Just as money is the tool of negotiation in a business transaction, so is faith, in a relationship with God.

Without the practice of faith, it is impossible to please God and earn His favor.




Bishop Edir Macedo