Are you satisfied?

There is no need to ask to get the answer to this question; in fact, all you need to do is pay attention to the daily and constant outpourings of those around you:

“I’m so tired of my life…”
“If I could, I would disappear once and for all…”
“My marriage has fallen into a routine…”
“My health is not well…”
“I constantly have to count every last penny…”
“I belong to a church, but nothing has changed in my life…”
“My dreams have not been realized…”.

This has been the normal day-to-day life of millions of people. And what do they all have in common? They yearn for a life that is beyond normal; this is, health, family, marriage, finances, faith and a spiritual life that is SUPERNATURAL!

And the truth is that: EVERYONE WANTS SOMETHING SUPERNATURAL! Actually, mankind is attracted to everything related to this. In fact, GOD IS SUPERNATURAL and the reason why He called Abraham was because he revealed 7 DISSATISFACTIONS WITH THE NORMAL.

Abraham had a particularity, he was naturally dissatisfied, and for this reason:

1. He did not accept the normal in his life, because he wanted to see the Supernatural, his wife’s healing;
2. He did not accept to dye along the way, like what happened with his father and one of his brothers;
3. He did not accept to be married and not be happy;
4. He did not accept to prosper and not be complete because he didn’t have an heir;
5. He did not accept to be the father of just one child (this is why he did not deny God his only son – Isaac);
6. He did not accept to be seen as a normal, common man, because he wanted to be the prince of the Living God, and this is what happened (he became a friend of the Living God);
7. He did not accept to die without seeing all God’s promises fulfilled.

Notice that when God revealed Himself to Abraham, He made him 7 SUPERNATURAL PROMISES, because Abraham had also expressed 7 DISSATISFACTIONS WITH THE NORMAL.

You have also been given the opportunity, just like Abraham, to walk away from the normal to the Supernatural!

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