Another soul rescued from hell


A 30-year-old man walked into the Universal Church for the first time.
He had been following our radio and TV programs for the past two weeks, and was participating in the Fast of Daniel!

It happens that, since he hated the Church, he was reluctant to go for days. So he prayed and asked God to show him if bishop Macedo was a thief or if he actually wanted to help people.

It turns out that, for a couple of days, he would tune into the World Church TV program, but his radio continued on the Universal’s program and, on three different occasions, his television turned off by itself during the World Church program, so he just kept listening to the Universal’s radio station.

At that moment, he heard you speaking about forgiveness, and that no matter what he had done, God would forgive him!

The result: He left the voodoo center, burned everything he had from there and came to Church on Wednesday, the last day of the FAST OF DANIEL, and left feeling AMAZED!!!

Look what he left with us…


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