Addiction Cleansing Therapy

When we think of the word “addiction”, illegal drugs and excessive alcohol consumption come to mind; while it is true that these are more commonly known, the truth is that nowadays, countless addictive substances and activities surround us.


It not only has a devastating effect on the individual but also on their family, friends and society at large. In fact, this has become one of the country’s highest health problems.

Though the crippling consequence of addictions is no mystery, very few people seek help and, from those who do, many fail to stay on the straight and narrow. Whether it’s the person himself or someone intervening on their behalf, we know that fighting alone can be hard. That is why we are here to support, encourage and guide you to a better freer you!

The UCKG HelpCentre’s Addiction Cleansing Therapy (A.C.T.) is a meeting that works to empower addicts and their families to break their dependency on their substance of choice and regain control over their lives.

This is done through practical common sense advice to not only overcome the cravings but also to deal with the root of the addiction. This is coupled with powerful prayers for those things that only a little divine intervention can resolve.

How is this possible? I’ve been struggling to beat this for years, what’s the guarantee that this will work? I’ve tried speaking to my loved one but they won’t quit – how would this be any different? I already attend a support group how will this add to what I’m already doing?


If the people on this site managed to benefit from this meeting, why can’t you? They grabbed the opportunity that is being offered to you right now.

We are here – ready to help! No matter what the case may be, we believe in you. We believe you can beat this. How? Find out this Sunday at 4pm from someone who has years of experience of not only struggling with addiction, but also finding the strength needed to quit.


Join us every Sunday at 3pm

2420Dufferin St., Toronto, ON M6E 3S8

For more information, please call 416-785-8700

Toll free 1-877-785-8700

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