A small cloud in China

The number of Christians in China is still very small compared to the number of people who profess no faith. Though Christianity is present in only 11% of the population, about 50% consider themselves atheists, and approximately 32% follow some other popular belief. And considering that this country is the most populated in the world, we can imagine how much needs to be done so that the Word of God reaches all these people. However, bringing the Gospel to the Chinese is not an easy task. Christian persecution is a reality in this country and the consequences range from the confiscation of Bibles and fines to the destruction of churches, imprisonment, interrogations, and in some cases preachers and evangelists have even been been tortured.

Nevertheless, the Universal Church is present in the nation and, like a seed planted in good soil, it grows every day, bearing the fruits of the incessant work that is done by faith.

Take a look at Pastor Alvaro Lima’s testimony below, and see how this small cloud that is emerging in China is just a sign of the future accomplishments God will fulfill in the life of the Chinese people.

“We had a meeting at as assistant’s home. Nine people were present: four Brazilians and five Chinese. The youth have an open mind, they enjoyed the meeting very much. These people are yearning to learn more.

In order for everyone to understand, we took material written in Chinese, because some of them only speak Mandarin. But one of the young men, who is 22 years old (the one wearing glasses in the picture below), in addition to Mandarin, also speaks English and Cantonese, and helped translate some parts of the meeting. And he translated in the same spirit! He also liked the meeting.

We showed the testimony of a Chinese woman from Hong Kong, and everyone was impressed.

Three of them – two young women and one man – will be attending our special meeting on the 25th, in Hong Kong. We have to work closely with the youth and married couples because, in China, people have many problems in their marriage and with their family.

Below are some pictures we took after the meeting. This work is going to explode!

They are the future members of the Asian IntelliMen and Godllywood! :) “.

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