A question every married person must answer

This question is for those who are married:

Do you plan on betraying your spouse one day?

Before you answer, think about this with me. When we intend on doing something, our mind immediately goes into a planning mode to achieve it. It is automatic, because this is how our brains work. When I express a desire to my brain, it immediately starts looking for ways to achieve it since it’s such a great servant.

Therefore, if I plan on buying a BMW, for example, my brain begins to tell my eyes to notice every BMW that drives by. All of a sudden, I start noticing these cars like never before. And the dealerships that sell them as well. I will begin to search for more information about their models, options, prices and everything else about them. I will balance my account to see if I can afford it, and if not, what could I do to buy it one day. I am going to talk to friends who have knowledge about this type of car. And so on. My brain will not stop working towards this goal until, one day, I finally have my desired BMW – or until I give up on the whole idea. However, it all started with a desire, an intention.

Now, back to our original question.

If you are thinking about betraying your husband or wife one day, and this is definitely in your plans, then your mind is probably already working on the process of carrying out your plans. (I hope it fully functions and also warns you of the consequences of executing such an act; such as a costly divorce, the embarrassment brought upon your family and friends, the feeling of guilt you will have to bear for years, the disappointment to your children, the certificate of idiocy that will be mounted on your wall, etc.)

But if your honest answer is no, you never intend on being an adulterer, then answer these questions as well:

Why stare at other women if you don’t plan on having them?

Why focus on everything your husband does wrong if you intend to remain by his side forever?

Why accept “friends” of the opposite sex on Facebook just because you find their pictures attractive?

Why invest on watching pornography, if that person is not, and will never be, your partner?

Why are you so curious about how your ex is doing?

Why entertain a dangerous relationship with that person who flirts with you at work?

Why don’t you do more to make your marriage a blessing instead of a burden?


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