A complete transformation

Bishop, I am a member of the Universal Church in Jardim Sao Jorge (Pedreira region), and July 22nd was my day! Oh, what a day!

My life was completely transformed.

I was having problems in my marriage. I mistreated my wife and there was no dialogue between us, even though we are both assistants.

However, on the 22nd, a complete transformation took place.

When you called us forward, to go before the Sanctuary, I went and felt like I was in heaven.

At that moment, I wholeheartedly surrendered my life to God and felt His presence in my life. Everything changed, especially my marriage.

When I got back home, my happiness was notorious and my wife asked me what had happened. I told her that from that day on she was my wife, girlfriend, friend, companion and helper.

Bishop, thank God, today I am a new husband and I am grateful every day for my transformation.

José Carlos Santana dos Santos

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