A Change in Values

Discipline has never and will never be part of the vocabulary of a profane person. Unfortunately, we have to interact with certain people as part of our daily lives, it’s inevitable, but you should never form a partnership or get too involved with them!

When I am faithful to God there is no space for third parties, HE is the only God and I am one with Him under all circumstances. Not only marital infidelity, but every impurity practiced by the profane is associated with spiritual imbalance, which triggers much of the chaos we find in people’s lives today.

Nowadays, with the change in values, the profane have become politically correct inside and outside of the churches. Only those who are sealed by God can identify them because they have GODLY DISCERNMENT. By separating ourselves from the rottenness of this world, we are guaranteeing an ETERNAL TREASURE, which is the SALVATION of our soul.

Clea Souza


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