A bulletproof teacher

She begins each morning with prayer. She speaks to the One that is her refreshing Wellspring. In the desert, she has learned that silence becomes audible and tears turn to smiles, because sacrificial faith is the way. She knows what it means to forgive and surrender. She is accepting. She does not judge. Amid the battles, she learned that by denying her will, she becomes closer to God. She becomes stronger, a much more attractive woman. She learned to take care of herself, love her curves and invest in her talents. Though she’s a leader, she does not get tired of serving others. She is giving. She is selfless.

She loves her friends and considers them as sisters. She is sweet. She knows the right time to speak. She is gentle, wise and virtuous. She understands, and is understanding. She is a flower that blooms in the desert, allowing herself to be prepared and formed. She loves her home, and everyone who lives there sees her as a reference. She is caring and loving. She loves those who are near and prays for those who are far. She truly believes in the God she decided to follow and serve. She is grateful. She loves Him.

Every time we think of her, we are reminded of her determination and faith. We often act based on our feelings, desires and emotions. We are led to think with our hearts, and be just like all the other women of this world. We are led to compare ourselves to other women and belittle ourselves. We are led to be everything, but ourselves. But every time we think of her, her life reflects true faith, which makes us rethink all of our thoughtless decisions, all of our immature feelings, all of our traumas, our weaknesses, our sins and sorrows. Because when we look at her, God clearly shows us that we can be different, better and overcome all things!

She is so sweet, yet so strong, which naturally embeds a supernatural faith within each one of us. Her ability to smile and make us laugh among so many problems and worries also reminds us remove ourselves from our own little world and seek a change and renewal. She knows how to be a counselor, a mother in prayer, a friend. She knows how to be a wife and a daughter. She knows the Way. She is a woman of God.

Many speak well of her, others speak poorly, but it’s as though no one even said anything about her to us. There’s no need. Her fruit show who she is and everything she’s been through over the years to become the person she is today. She is not perfect, and never will be! She makes mistakes and cries sometimes. One thing she always teaches us that we should not try to be like her, but like the One she follows. She has taught us to be women of prayer and we learned that forgiveness is the best decision. We learned to look ahead and know that we aren’t better or worse than anyone else, just different. We have learned that we can be alone and still be happy. We should like ourselves and fall in love with ourselves. We learned to appreciate our home and give it a special touch, because it is our space, where we have all of our things.
We have learned that we can decide our own fashion. We learned to have personality. We learned that True Love comes from Above and that loving someone means loving yourself first. We learned that to win in this life, it is necessary to have a relationship with God and love Him above all things. We have learned so much. So, how can we thank you?

She is a teacher that has her own struggles, dilemmas and tasks in her home and life. She is a teacher who adopted us as daughters, as friends. She is a teacher who learned the Way, and her goal is to teach us. This teacher celebrates another year of life and teaches us to love ourselves. We want to give you a great big hug and say that we have learned all of these things!

We admire this teacher, for she is a bulletproof teacher.

Happy Birthday, dear Cris!

We love you!!

With love,

Your Bulletproof Students

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