1st National Minister’s Meeting in the Temple of Solomon

On Saturday, August 30th, I had the honor of attending the 1st National Ministers’ of the Gospel Meeting in the Temple of Solomon, with the distinguished presence of Bishop Macedo.

I know many people are curious to see the physical and material aspect of the Temple. I also know that many already have a preconceived notion, which clearly shows that the influence of the media and those who have not seen and felt what I have as I entered that place, is present among the Christian community.

The Temple itself is magnificent. It is definitely a marvelous structure! However, this is definitely not what left me amazingly impressed. What amazed me was the atmosphere, the reverence, the organization, the politeness of everyone who was working in the Temple, the honor, the Holiness before the Lord… Everything came together and created a wonderful result: the presence of God in the softest and most beautiful manner I’ve ever felt Him.

Bishop Macedo shared a simple, but profound message. He blessed all of the evangelical leaders, so that together, we can work. Not so that we can grow the number of members in our denominations, but so that together, we can add to the Kingdom of God by taking the Word of the Living God to those who are being held captive and oppressed.

I have read many articles online condemning the Temple of Solomon. It’s always the same old speech: “they spent millions, why didn’t they give that money to the poor? And blah blah blah”. I am not going to mention any names, or attack institutions that spend millions on singling out other human beings. The fact is that the Universal Church deserves to be congratulated for the work it is doing. Like it was said in the Temple, ‘This place is intended for worship. It is a place of surrender and sacrifice to the Lord of all people, religions and nations’.

I invite all of my friends, regardless of your religion, to visit the Temple, because you will not regret it. And wait to criticize only after you have visited this place.

Kelly Gusmao – Assembly of God

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