Young men receive “The Last Rock” in Los Angeles

We recently visited the Phoenix House Academy Rehabilitation Center, located in Los Angeles, USA.

While there, we spoke to two groups and, to the surprise of the supervisor and the assistants, the young men accepted we pray for them and received “The Last Rock” book.

The first group was made up of 40 young men, from the ages of 13 to 24, addicted to heroin, cocaine, crystal meth, etc. They were brought to the rehab center because their parents no longer had control over them.

The second group was made up of people who had been involved in serious cases of crime, murder, gangs, trafficking and worshipers of death and the devil. One of the young men asked me where our Church was located and when I said it was next to MacArthur Park, he said: “That’s where I used to sell and use…”.

I shared my testimony and explained how the book can help them overcome the addictions. We handed out the books, prayed together and determined that they be delivered from all the addictions. Some even cried at this time, the results were very positive.

The supervisor said this was the kind of help they needed, and we are already working on another date to go back.

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