Wow, what a good place

Dear Bishop,

My mother brought me to the Universal Church for the first time when I was 8 years old. Today, my mother, Mrs. Eron, celebrates 35 years of working as an assistant of God! The Universal Church gave me more than a ruler and compass, it gave me experience. I started by attending CBC and blending in with the crowd, and now I’ve been in the public eye for 16 years.

I believe that politics is not as evil as everyone is saying. Big mistake! It has its incredibly revealing side (which I like a lot) because there is no better place to get to know someone than in politics!

There’s no use in applying it to the home, family, work, church, etc., because these are places where people can hide, but in politics…
It works like a big stage where the “artists” present themselves and their intentions; however, it has the ability to highlight the good, the evil, those with character, those with no character at all, the selfish, liars, opportunists, traitors, conceited…

Before the latest events in Brazilian politics, I thought that at the age of 43, I had seen it all, but politics still surprise me. Therefore, all I can say is: Wow, what a good place to get to know people!

Assistant Tia Eron Vasconcelos
Congresswoman – Bahia

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