Would you send your child to war?

What mother or father enjoys seeing their child being sent to war?

Though some parents may be proud to see them serving their country, I doubt they don’t fear losing them in battle.

No matter how strong and equipped an army is, there is always a big risk that a soldier will not return.

After all, war is war! There is no war without losses.

With this in mind, the world we live in today is also a war.

Drugs, prostitution, disease, violence, crime, stray bullets, terrorism, natural disasters caused by human neglect… and the list goes on.

No one is immune to this, no matter where they live.

If you would do anything not to send your child to war, knowing that he could possibly not return safe and sound, why would you bring a child into this filthy and dark world knowing that the possibility of them being saved is so small?

I’ve always loved children. Nanda and I wanted to have four children – two boys and two girls, like my parents had.

But honestly, today I thank God for the decision we made to renounce that right.

We have seen the pain and suffering of many parents in the fight for their children; and of course, we pray these children convert and surrender their lives to the Lord Jesus.

Thank God, this has been happening, but again I ask the question above: Why bring children into this war, knowing they have such a small chance of coming back unharmed from the battle?

I believe we should meditate on this and not let the heart (feelings) fool us.

May God bless you!

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