Woman of Faith

Good morning, Bishop!

Recently, during one of your meetings, you spoke about determination and faith, which reminded me of what happened when I bought an apartment using only my faith in the Word of God.

My husband and I could not afford to buy an apartment, but we didn’t accept to continue paying rent. So I asked the Holy Spirit for direction, and He guided me in everything, by faith. I determined that I wanted to live relatively close to the Temple (which was still being built) and began looking for an apartment I liked. I looked as though I already had money in the bank, but I didn’t have a penny. Everything truly happened by faith in the Word and with the conviction that God would act if we took the first step; after all, we were and are faithful, so He had to be faithful to us as well.

We found the apartment we wanted, but there was still one problem: how were we going to buy it without money? With faith. Doesn’t the Bible say, “go and buy without money?” That is what we did.

When the time came to close the deal, we needed to give 10% of the property value as a down payment, but we simply said we didn’t have it. I’m sure the owner was dying to ask us how we were looking to buy something without money, but he just kept frowning down at us without understanding absolutely anything, lol. So he said we had to deposit US$2,500 within two days. I wrote a check by faith, and my husband asked me where would I get the money to cover that check. I said, “God will provide, honey”.

My mother-in-law, who is not of the Church, found out about our situation and lent us that amount, but I was upset because this wasn’t the provision I was expecting from God. This was because He Himself says that we should not borrow but lend; however, that’s not what I was seeing in that moment. Yet, I had no clue what God was about to do, so I decided to trust Him and that’s it. I deposited the money in the owner’s account and the bank began to work on the closing.

A few days later the bank called me and said the finance department made a mistake while calculating the property value and typed in US$5,000. Therefore the owner should RETURN half of that back to me. Conclusion: I BOUGHT the apartment I wanted without paying one penny and I still walked away with US$2,500 in my pocket, because my mother-in-law ended up giving us the money as a GIFT.

Therefore Bishop, what you said yesterday is correct. When we determine something, nothing can go wrong, because what we determine is done based on a Word that is guaranteed truth. In other words, everything we want and need is in the Word of God. All we have to do is use it, so the victories can leave the paper and come into our hands.

Thank you, Bishop.
God bless you.

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