Without vision our dreams cannot come true

Because of this, our heart is sick;
because of these, our eyes grow dim.
Lamentations 5.17

Our heart is sick…

Who has a sick heart?
Those who look more to the gold than to the Altar;
are only concerned with themselves;
expect the glory of this world;
use weapons of evil (deception, wickedness, deceit, hypocrisy, etc.);
no longer give their best in favor of the souls;
feel like they’ve suffered an injustice;
depend on something or someone instead of depending on God…

because of these, our eyes grow dim.

This person becomes blind and begins to do work in the flesh, which will not bring any results to life the people, nor to their ministry, and much less for the Kingdom of God.

A sick heart causes us to lose our vision!

I praise and thank God every day, because you, Bishop Macedo, never lost sight of winning souls.
For this reason, the Universal Church continues to save thousands of souls every day throughout this world. And over the years, you have tirelessly passed on this vision to us, pastors.

May we never lose sight of winning souls and serving our Lord Jesus Christ with all our strength.

If someone has not obeyed, they cannot say that they were not warned.

Let’s keep our heart healthy and our vision 20/20.

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