Whose bones were those?

Without a doubt, the Bible passage about Ezekiel prophesying to a valley of dry bones is one of the most well known (Ezekiel 37.1-14).

But something in this passage caught my attention: Whose bones were those?

They could have been Jews who had been killed in battle and who had not been buried according to Jewish tradition—a group of defeated people!

And yet, we know that the people of Israel were invincible whenever they were close to the Most High. As long as they were living by faith, it was impossible to defeat them, no matter how great their enemies were.

And so, we can conclude that they became dry bones because they stopped listening to the prophecy. They rejected the voice of sacrificial faith, God’s voice. But God is the God of the impossible, and this passage of Scripture teaches us that no matter how badly destroyed a person’s life may be, when they accept the prophecy, it will rise from the ashes.

We can also conclude that the reverse of what happened to the dry bones can occur in people’s lives. When a person refuses to listen to the voice of faith and live by sacrificial faith, they will start to fall and lose the spirit, skin, flesh, and tendons until they end up as dry bones.

Many people have come to the church with destroyed lives, have exercised their faith, conquered, and given testimonies, but eventually became cold. They assumed that they had conquered it all by their own merits, until they began to lose everything, and eventually returned to the valley of dry bones. Because of this, faith has to be constant, and sacrifice must be a daily activity!

Regardless of the situation that people are in, faith in a prophecy has the power to bring into existence all that does not yet exist. This is the faith that we will have on May 11th in every Universal Church.

With the help of Bishop Clodomir Santos.

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