Who said I can’t be a Christian and a Chemist?

I am proof that nothing can distract us from our goals when we are determined to fight! Nothing in life is a bed of roses, and my climb to the top has been anything but easy! As I grew up, only my mother took care of me. For reasons I do not know, she was not able to pursue her career as a scientist, something that she very much longed to do, and passed this passion onto me.


amanadafranco2I started attending church, especially on Mondays, because it was there that I learned something that I did not learn in university. I learned to use my faith to get to where I wanted to be. The messages were clear and easy to understand and it helped me to keep fighting for my goal.

There were times that I had no strength to do anything but shower and sleep after a long day of work then school, but I overcame and was able to reach the place where I am today.

Today I am a successful scientist and through my faith and occupation, I met my wonderful husband. We work together and our relationship is great. Above all, my relationship with God is strong and this is the reason why I am able to succeed in what I do.

Amanda Franco

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