When the fire came down on Mt. Carmel

In the Hebrew Bible, Elijah’s passage on Mount Carmel caught my attention. The verb used in Hebrew to describe the fire coming down from heaven, as soon as Elijah finished praying, shows that the fire came down gently and smoothly to rest over the sacrifice.

So imagine the following: if the fire came down violently, loud and thundering, the people would fear the fire and not the God who sent the fire down. However, by coming down gently, it demonstrates the presence of God, peaceful, with the domain in His hands.

In that atmosphere, the people saw the fire come down peacefully, consume the burnt offering before their eyes, as if God Himself was coming down and receiving what was being offered.

This is also how He fills people’s hearts with His Presence, with His Spirit. I can picture this, how wonderful!

God bless you!

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