What’s left in my life

Good morning, bishop!

I arrived at the Universal Church owing money to drug dealers, humiliated, depending on others for favors to live and eat, and feeling like trash. I still remember my first prayer: “Lord, You always asked me to surrender my life completely and I never did. I came here today to give You what You always asked me for, what’s left of it. If You are willing to take my life, I give you all of what is left.”

I left there that day feeling free. Free from addictions, free from the bondage that had plagued me for years. I left there feeling like a real person. I have remained in the faith until today. I fought for my husband, who was also addicted to alcohol and cocaine for almost 18 years, and today is a man of God. Soon, he will be consecrated as an evangelist. This was an answer to a prayer request I did during the Israel Challenge, in which I had very little to give, but gave my best.

People called and still call me crazy, but when the devil uses these people to discourage and confront me, I remind him of my past and say to him: Hey, I don’t live there anymore!

The money I used to spend on drugs, today I give in my vows and sacrifices, and God has honored me. I am still going little by little, but the difference is this conviction that I have no one can take away from me, not even the devil. The certainty that today the Lord Jesus is not by my side, but inside of me.

Today I no longer owe money to any drug dealers, they even respect me, I speak of the Lord Jesus in every drug spot I pass.

God has given me dignity, and has honored me. If today, I give my offerings and sacrifices it is because I understood that I must only obey. The Word of God has been fulfilled in my life, I can say: But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Soon it will be my entire family, to do more and serve the One God, worthy of all honor, glory, and power.

God bless you, bishop!


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