What your sacrifice represents

On the Altar, you surrender everything you have – which is not everything you would like to have – to receive everything you do not have yet – but is everything you want to have. Therefore, the sacrifice you offer on the Altar represents the life you no longer want. You refuse to continue living this way, so you surrender it to God.

The examples of faith show how this happens.

EVERYTHING Abraham had was a child, but he wanted to be the father of a great nation. So he surrendered his son (who represented the life he no longer wanted: to be the father of a single person), to be the father of a great nation (the life he wanted to have).

EVERYTHING Gideon had was a bull, but he wanted to see the wonders of God. So he gave the bull (representing the life he did not want: only have one bull for food) to receive wonderful abundance and peace (the life he wanted to have).

EVERYTHING the poor widow had was two mites, but she wanted an abundant life. So she gave the two mites (representing the life she no longer wanted: to have only two mites) to receive abundance (the life she wanted).

This is why only those who are revolted sacrifice and surrender their life: they are the only ones who will turn away from the life they’re ​​living in the moment. Like Abraham, Gideon and the poor widow, they do not conform to what brings comfort, but pursue the things that leave an impression.

But those who do not sacrifice or surrender, deep down, want to continue living the same life. They don’t mind spending the rest of their days with the same limitations, the same problems, the same situations, the same conditions… It is a matter of reason: if the sacrifice represents the life you no longer want, and you do not sacrifice, then you are saying you’re satisfied with the life you have. And if you are satisfied with your life, how and why would it change?

For those who are revolted: what is the everything you have today, that you no longer want to have as your everything? Sacrifice it on the Altar.

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