What makes Mount Sinai special?


When we refer to Mount Sinai, the first thought that comes to mind should be its holiness. God descended upon Mount Sinai and turned it into a great symbol of His covenant with man.
That is why God warned Moses, saying,


Has the holiness of that place been removed?

This is strictly dependent to your faith. According to my faith, Sinai is the same today as it was in Moses’ days. The meaning of Sinai refers to a “desolate place’; or a sad and forsaken place. God chose Sinai due to that quality, which matched His people (the Israelites in Egypt), who were despised, just like those who are despised by society today. Sinai, once considered a desolate place, has become the most respected of all mountains.
God works the same way with those who are despised by the world today. As it is written: “HE RAISES THE POOR OUT OF THE DUST, AND LIFTS THE NEEDY OUT OF THE ASH HEAP,


Campaign of Faith
Journey to Mount Sinai


During the last months of 2019, The Universal Church held in all its temples in more than 120 countries the “Campaign of Mount Sinai”. Throughout the campaign, all those who revolted against the enslavement of the problems in their lives launched themselves completely into the Altar, seeking the materialization of God’s wonders.

With requests in hand, 12 bishops made their way to Mount Sinai to cry out to God for those who put themselves in sacrifice to change their lives.


The Biblical Meaning
of the Holy Oil

Olive oil has great significance as it symbolizes the presence of God and the Holy Spirit. With him, kings and priests were anointed according to God’s will. The millennial element always appears in the Holy Scriptures also in times of consecration and sacrifice. Contact with the oil made the elements sanctified (read Exodus 40: 9).
(Leviticus 14). The Lord Jesus, when He was on earth, commanded His disciples to use the oil to deliver and heal people wherever they went and did so (Mark 6:13). And it is also a fundamental element in the head of a servant of God.
“At all times let your clothes be white,
and the oil on your head never fail.”
Ecclesiastes 9: 8


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