What is there to lose?

Recently, I finished reading the book “Nothing to Lose 3″, which is such a valuable read. It shares the spiritual richness of a life story and so many other points: faith, perseverance, mercy and love.

As I read each page, it was as if I also lived what was written: the courage, making things happen, fighting and growing the Work of God around the world in favor of the greater good that is the human soul. This book can touch you; it penetrates the soul and causes us to reflect on what we have done for those in need, the afflicted, wronged, poor in spirit and oppressed. The truth is we have not done anything.

We are losing opportunities and should do what God expects from each one of us, because of our calling, because we are servants, because we are children of God, because we were found by Him, who expects and wants us to form other children in the faith. A faith that transforms, delivers, heals and saves. This book is refreshing; it gives strength, courage, ambition, direction for a journey of faith.

I was able to laugh during moments of difficult or impossible situations, but God turned them into triumphs for His glory. During others moments, I cried for the bishops, pastors, assistants and members who fought and give their lives for the sake of other lives on the altar or the atrium, it does not matter, when the order is solely to obey, love, sacrifice, believe. God is so merciful!

I learned how silence can cry out for us. And we should not be attached to anything in this world, but we must turn away from its allure to win with God. One of the interesting and striking parts was the emphasis on the subject that we should be an example that translates everything without a word being said. This attracts God’s best for us, while actions without thought will betrays us.

I admire Bishop Macedo’s courage when faced with something as controversial and shown/handled by religious people and politicians hypocritically, which is the subject of abortion. The biblical excerpt on the subject was, undoubtedly, spectacular! How you handled the subject of adoption was also touching! The opportunity to meet the Bishop’s family and their secrets were revealed. I compare him with Moses, who was placed in a basket to escape death; after all, God had sketched a plan for him. The same is true for our bishop, who had a purpose since birth, being delivered and cared for to be the Moses of today. The devil had a thirst to swallow the life of Moses just like he wanted to do the same with Bishop, so that he would not succeed in taking souls from his claws.

I recommend everyone read this book, from the oldest member of the Universal Church to those who are still being evangelized or those who do not like the Church because of other people’s influences, opinions and prejudices, because changes will happen in their hearts, minds and spirits and so the Kingdom of God will grow.

I am happy and glorify God for being part of the Universal family!

Neli Ribeiro – Assistant in Queimados – Rio de Janeiro

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