What a woman should never do

It is common knowledge that we, women, care about everything that has to do with beauty. Proof of this is our constant need to read women’s magazines, watch talk shows on a daily basis and search the Internet for instructional videos and blogs containing tips and tricks.

Women go to great lengths to fulfill their desire to fit within the established beauty standards. Many waste time, money – sometimes putting their health at risk – yet they are never satisfied.

The number of women that undergo plastic surgery is on a rise and so many others would like to change a little bit here and there, the only reason they haven’t done it yet is because they can’t afford it.

I have nothing against changes and wanting to feel good, but the size of their dissatisfaction and how far they’re willing to go for their looks scares me. Is the reflection they’re seeing in the mirror really that awful?

After all, what’s really considered beautiful in a woman?

I would like to talk about a beauty that time cannot steal, a credit card cannot purchase and it cannot be inherited in your DNA; however, it is fully accessible for those who invest more than physically to be truly beautiful.

I suggest you read this short list until the end because it states some points that have made women of all ages ugly and inelegant, despite all of their beauty investments.

It’s not worth searching for the latest fashion and makeup trends when you don’t know the correct way to behave and lead a proper life.

Swearing: if these words were good, there would be no need to censor them on TV, which also does very little, since they are constantly coming out of the mouth of people who cannot find a better way to communicate;

Speak and laugh loudly: besides being indiscreet, it bothers those around you and will cause them to see you in a negative way;

Chewing gum: when you say the word chew, it’s as if you can already hear that annoying sound of someone endlessly chewing – there are those who will even blow bubbles. This is completely understandable behavior for a child or teen, but it is certainly not recommended for a woman who wants to be elegant;

Not maintaining proper posture while walking and sitting: it’s useless to dress like a princess if you show more than you should when you sit down, let your bra straps show, expose too much cleavage…

Be bossy and controlling: women who are like this tend to put others down. The only thing that matters is what thinks, feels or wants and, in the end, she will find herself alone and miserable;

Outdated: the world is rapidly changing. When our parents were younger, people would schedule jobs a month in advance. Today, people say they want things done “yesterday”. However, there are women who don’t even try to keep up with these changes. They insist on living according to the past, are proud to say they don’t know how to do this or that, and they’re not even embarrassed to admit they don’t even have an email. This is not good at all!

Depend on others: they are insecure when it comes to making decisions. They don’t know how to do anything on their own and there are still those who put their responsibilities on others;

Lack content: they don’t like to read, learn or invest in their intelligence. What they say is not worth saving because it unfortunately adds to nothing;

Weak and sensitive: what good is it to be a beautiful, but fragile woman? If anyone says anything to her in a harsher tone, she pouts and cries… Who can stand this?

This list, which sabotages a woman’s beauty, can grow a lot longer, right? Or maybe, you have noticed that something is missing?

Calm down, if you have been reading everything until here, it’s because you want to change? Desire accompanied by action and discipline is all it takes to be a strong and elegant woman, unable to do anything ugly, not even during the most difficult situations. Oh, and of course, you never stop learning, so remain firm in this challenge!

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