We’ve built the first snow park in South America

Have there been times when the state of your financial life has made you cry? Well, it has done for me. My business was failing and my husband’s and my income was dreadful, but the Campaign of Israel changed that.

At first, we went to the UCKG HelpCentre to feel good, but it was inevitable that our faith would finally be put to the test. That’s when I got angry at our situation, and the Campaign turned that anger into action.

One by one, we were inspired with ideas, which we were able to get resources to fulfil.

My husband and I have built the first snow park in South America, and the first sport and entertainment park in the world. We have everything we dreamt of having: a beautiful house, cars, and a farm of 328 hectares and milk production. The results are visible in every area of our lives. I have a reason to smile. The Campaign did that for me. I know it could do it for you too.


Manuela Caliari

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