What is a vision? A vision is something like a mirage in the mind, a state you want to be manifested into your outer world. With a vision you can accomplish anything, you can reach far beyond your material existence, get out of your comfort zone, and imaginatively extend yourself beyond what previously seemed impossible. It’s impossible to achieve a dream without envisioning it first. Even when you have fears that can prevent you from moving forward, having a vision can help you overcome anything. When a person doesn’t have a vision; a clear idea of what he/she wants in life, they can fall short of having the quality of life he/her desires. And having a week or unclear vision can lead a person to an imbalanced life and vulnerability to “whatever” happens.

A clear vision leads to fulfillment, purpose and brings meaning into some’s life. When you don’t have a vision is the same of walking around with your eyes closed, except the invisible realm, your “inner eye” is shut. You cannot go anywhere if you have no place to go. It’s necessary to see yourself going somewhere in order to get there! Perhaps, you are the type of person who has a vision, but this vision is negative, having a negative vision can manifest negative results in your life. According to the NCCAM, (National-Center-forComplementary-and-AlternativeMedicine) there is a significant proof that the mind can have a positive influence on mental functioning and quality of life. Having a vision is the same of conquering the quality of life you always wanted. When you invest in your vision you have the power to fulfill what you have envisioned.

There are many ways to invest in your vision, one of this way that has been used for many visionary people, is a Vision Board. Many highly successful people have claimed to have made a vision board and have recognized it is an important tool for their success. A vision board helps you reinforce the vision and direction in your mind so that you can be surer of reaching your dreams. One day a very famous actor that did not have much, but a plenty of talent and faith, before fulfilling his career dream. He wrote himself a check for $10,000,000 and post-dated it for 10 years later, hoping one day he would be able to cash it. That actor is Jim Carrey, one of the most famous comedic actors in the world. That’s the power of vision. And through vision, we can dream, create and manifest whatever does not yet exist. Don’t limit your vision. Visions go beyond what is in front of you and reaches beyond the three-dimensional world. You are the one that creates your future by your vision. The future is not a result of chooses between alternatives paths offered by the present, and yes a created place. It’s not a place where we are going, but a place that we are creating. How are you creating your future? Have you thought whom you want to be or have within five years? Do you have goals that want to achieve? A vision isn’t just a few goals, is who you will become, the culture and what you will recognize for. Every great leader has a vision. If you are not working from a vision you might be heading in the wrong direction, and never know about it. You may find yourself in a place that sounds pretty good but isn’t truly what you were meant to have. When you have a vision, you fight for things to be the way you want. Until they are not the way you want, you won’t give up on trying. It’s like that that a dream becomes reality. If you do not have a vision yet, start one today. It may take a time to refine this vision, but it’s one of the most essential things you can do in your life. Every vision must have a strong foundation in other to have any chance at a future of success. We can help you build that strong foundation! Join us every Monday, in this meeting, you will learn how to invest in your vision.

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