Totality in Love

Do you know the meaning of the cross to Christians? It represents the totality of God in all the areas of the life of His children.

The vertical part points to the necessity of having and practicing an intelligent faith in the Author of Life. The horizontal part represents the importance of a good relationship with others, especially a good marriage.

Unfortunately, thousands of people are not fulfilled in their love life. They make efforts, they do whatever they can, but something is missing.

There are many who are:
• Married but live an unhappy marriage;
• Committed to their relationship but only receive ungratefulness in return;
• Faithful, they do not lie, but their partner has these attitudes;
• Seeing their relationship falling apart because of their wrong decisions, and they want to change;
• Taking care of themselves, they have self-love but have not found someone to build a life together;
• Emotionally wounded from previous relationships and in need of inner healing.

Many are the situations that depict the lack of happiness in the love life.

On February 11th, you will have the opportunity to fight for the Totality of God in your life. At the Love Therapy, you will learn to use your faith to see a restoration and a new start in your love life. Remember the cross – Jesus gave His life to rescue and save you and your family. Do not accept to continue in the same way.

Come every Thursday to seek the Totality of God in your life. The Love Therapy takes place at the state headquarters of The Universal Church. Feel free to call us 1-877-785-8700, or visit one of our location near you for more information.

2 Replies to “Totality in Love”

  1. I have been seperated for six years and still feel this emptyness and void in my heart. I’ve had some friendships and relationships with men since my husband and I sepeperated. But I still hold on to old hurts and have a hard time loving. Myself. The last time I felt some stability in my life was when I was in a relationship. But now I realize no one is coing to love me of i dontlove myself. I need to build a stronger relationship with God, to restore and strengthen me.

    1. Hi Eva,

      For you to be happy in love life, first, you must be free inside. Let go of everything that is holding you back from being happy. Let go of the traumas in the past, hatred, grudges, pains, let go of the sins, the memories from the past, and the most important is to forgive those who hurt you. But in order for you to do that, you need to seek God for help. Coz without Him, we can do nothing. It’s not going to be easy but as you seek God for help, He will give you the Holy Spirit to sustain you, to strengthen you to do all of these.

      And for you to make someone happy, you must be happy inside first. You cannot jump from one relationship to another if you yourself is not happy. You’re going to have a problem in the future.
      You have to value yourself because you are precious.

      Where are you located at? As I would advice you to go to our location near you.

      Be bless always

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