This is not the end

Dear Mrs. Cris,

I would like to tell you about my latest experience with God. I was married for 7 years. My husband was a pastor for 17 years. He was my husband, boyfriend, lover and friend. I was truly happy during those years, but on September 7th, God called him. We fought against medical malpractice for 4 years, and, as you said during one of our monthly meetings, I did everything. I did chains of prayer, campaigns, fasts and Israel Challenges, I gave everything I had and even what I did not have, and my request to God was: “Lord, I want You to restore my husband’s health, and if it is not for him to be 100% healthy, then save him.” I thought about this for a long time before finally putting it down on paper, but I did it, hoping, of course, that his health would be restored.

Several times, various thoughts crossed my mind, such as: “Oh God! He is a pastor and has served the Lord for years, this is not fair!” During the October meeting, God used you and Mrs. Esther to show me that He is God and does not have to give me an explanation about His plans. He knows what He is doing and how He will do it. In my life, I always received a yes from God. Sometimes it took a bit longer, but His response always came in a positive way. However, He showed me that His answer is not always yes. It’s not always what we want, but what we need.

Today I am a young widow, but I am sure that God’s best is yet to come upon my love life. He gave me the best 7 years, I was happy and faithful until the end with the one God trusted me to take care of, but I know this is not the end, but the beginning of a new story, since I am at the disposal of God and the Altar.

I am grateful to God for the life of Bishop Macedo and Mrs. Ester, and I am grateful to them for having given you to us, because you always provide us with your experiences, and gave us the gift of Godllywood. This family welcomed me, both in the midst of the wives and in the midst of the assistants. I am grateful to this wonderful work that today I return to as an assistant, but without losing my focus, which is to please and obey my Lord, wherever He places me.

Everyone looks at me and don’t believe that I am doing this well. They see me as a fortress. It is not easy to go through all of this, but I will overcome and I will get out of this situation a better person, I believe!

Maxsuele Prado

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