This is an exmaple of a good and faithful servant!!!

The woman lying on the asphalt suffered a serious accident.

After seeing her condition from inside the bus, an assistant got off and spoke to her about Jesus. She immediately accepted the Lord Jesus!!!

This was only possible because there was a good and faithful servant who multiplied her Talent – Salvation.


We made a mistake

We were the victims of false information, according to the emails below.

The woman did not die, thank God!

But the assistant did the job of a good and faithful servant.

Thank God!



She is from my city. SHE DID NOT DIE. Her left leg was badly hurt, BUT SHE DID NOT DIE.



This woman did not die. I live in the city where this accident happened and that is not what took place. Let’s find out the truth behind the news before spreading the picture of other people’s misery?! THIS WOMAN UNDERWENT SURGERY AND IS DOING WELL.



Praise God for the good and faithful servant… But the victim did not die, she is hospitalized. Her leg was amputated and she is improving every day. This accident happened here in my city and I know people that are close to her. Before putting up such news, please, make sure it is true first, because this is very sad. (Saying that she died when she really didn’t).



From what I know, this woman did not die. I live near her house and I haven’t heard anything about her death.

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