The Women of the Universal Church


It’s amazing how after the Feast of Purim, I was able to see the greatness of God in our lives. Now I understand why you say: “Time has not turned me into an old prophet.” We – women – are living proof of this. It would be easy for you to keep us out of the limelight. But you didn’t because you saw our need to flourish, like the flowers that we all are. I haven’t been converted for too long (it will be 8 years in December 3, 2014), but I know everything was different before…

Some of the older women in the Church always tell me: “Thaise, you are experiencing the best of the Church!” I know that times are different, but I also know that you could have swept all these evolutions under the rug. You took notice from inside your own home, with Mrs. Cris and Mrs. Vivi, the need to have our own space within the Church. I am very proud of this!

Many wonder why the Universal Church does not have women pastors. Now I understand why. When we are assisting a man of God, the Holy Spirit USES us more. I have proof of this… I have a friend from another Christian denomination that was AMAZED when she saw my pictures of the Godllywood group on a social network. She said: “It’s sad that my church doesn’t have a group like that for women, because we do need one!” Her church has women pastors, but I’m sure that because of their pastoral duties, they are unable to completely surrender their time, which is what happens in the Godllywood group.

Many people may say that other churches also have a woman’s group… I know! However, none are as complete (women ranging in age from 8-80. Here in Salvador, for example, there are 8-year-old girls to 70-year-old women) and grand (in several countries throughout the world, and most impressive: all in the same spirit) as ours. Like I said, I have proof! We are not better than everyone else, but we know that we make a difference because we ARE DIFFERENT. Nothing can HOLD us back. We have learned that we CAN do all things.

And we cannot forget that everything started four years ago with an inspiration from God Himself to Mrs. Cris, when the Godllywood group was created. If today we have the Feast of Purim, the Feast of Tabernacles, Pledge Night, The Love School, women writers, Blogs, Books… we owe all this to the opportunity we, women, have at the Universal Church.

I know that when you see the results of all this, the joy of God invades your soul. We know that you’re a fan of our group (lol). And all of this is because you see the DIFFERENCE in us. I know that if the group didn’t exist, we would probably still be in God’s presence; however, one thing is certain, Godllywood reduces the time and, so, the coming of our Lord approaches faster. Do you need a better reason for this group to existence? There isn’t one! Not to mention being Born Again, Awakening, Growing, Changing…

We know that the day is ours (March 8 – International Women’s Day), however, I would like to honor you, because as our spiritual leader you could have ignored our evolution within the Church, but you didn’t. You have been our biggest supporter throughout this change.

We can’t forget your phone call to Mrs. Cris, when you said: “Cristiane, help the women of the Church because they are in need!” For this, and so much more Bishop, on behalf of all the Godllywoodians, I would like to thank you because you didn’t consider what others might have said, how far we could have gone, you simply believed in the Women of the Universal Church.

Thank you very much!

PS: If anyone says otherwise about the group, it’s because they don’t have the same Spirit. I say this without fear!
This is why WE ARE Universal.

Thaise Neiva
Salvador/ Bahia/ Brazil

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