The Silver of the House of God in New York

Domestic violence can take on many forms, whether it is physical, sexual, psychological, economic, etc. The problems and pressures applied against women is not only linked to culture, region, country or a particular group of women within a society. Whether she is rich or poor, lives in a shack or a mansion, Africa or Europe, no education or possesses many diplomas, regardless of race, age or qualification, this huge and heavy burden exists and, in many cases, causes irreparable damage in the life of a woman, whether she is a mother, wife, daughter, married, single, widowed. And this also happens in first world countries, as shown in a U.S. survey, which reports that about 70% of women experience some form of violence during their life (Source: UN).

On April 19th, we will be having the “W Day” to help women like Joyce Clarke Everett, who was diagnosed with cancer, depression and insomnia. Besides this, she suffered during many years with her son, who was addicted to drugs and her daughter, who doctors were unable to identify the cause of her illness. While she was in this situation, Joyce even thought of committing suicide.

“One day, I was feeling very stressed and anxious. It was 2am and I came upon the Universal Church’s program on TV. The testimonies and the pastor’s words made me realize that there was a solution to my problems, so I decided to visit the Universal Church. Once there, I received prayers, learned how to use my faith and I also heard that the wise woman builds her house (Proverbs 14.1). So I decided to have this wisdom and put into practice everything that Bishop Macedo said during the meetings at the very beginning of the Universal Church’s work here in New York.

Today I have peace, I have been healed of cancer, my daughter is also healed, and my son is free from the drugs and comes with me to the Church. I have a new life and a new family. I can say: me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

That Joyce who wanted to kill herself no longer exists. Today, at the age of 82, I want to live longer and serve the God who saved me. I am an assistant and have served this wonderful God for 26 years, helping other women.”

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