The Secret and Mysteries of Faith

When we speak about faith we are not separating people from their respective religions. After all, to change from one religion to another won’t make much of a difference in a person’s life. Jesus never preached religion. He announced the Kingdom of God, where people have the right to live a life of dignity; where Justice, Mercy and Faith abound.

Faith is the conviction that God will fulfill everything He promised.
We want to share this faith and lead people to His Kingdom. Faith is having a life of quality, created and transmitted from the Throne of the Most High.

First, Jesus said He was Life, then He said that Life comes by faith.
But, what kind of faith?
Everyone has faith, but not everyone has life… Why is this?

The quality of faith you have reflects the quality of life you have. If the kind of faith a person has is subject to the obligations of his religion, then he has no right to demand a life of quality.

No religion is able to meet the needs of a life with quality. This is only possible through faith manifested in the Word of the Author and Creator of Life: Jesus Christ.
Combining this rule with religious obligations is a waste of time.

Either one thing or another.
Either you practice the Word of God and stop practicing all religious traditions to live in faith and by faith, or forget the new life proposed by the Lord Jesus.

Religious life has nothing to do with living by faith. A religious person obeys what is dictated by their religion. A person that lives by faith obeys what is written in the Word of God.

Indeed, it is much easier to obey a religion than God. The sacrifices of religion do not involve as much sacrifice as the Word of God. On the other hand, no religion can answer the desires of man. But faith does! Faith gives us access to the impossible. Mark 9.23

Why are all things possible to those who believe?
First, because the Lord Jesus promised;
Second, because faith is the breath of the Spirit of God in those who are faithful to Him.

Faith comes from obedience to the Word of God Almighty. Only then will you understand His secrets and mysteries.

Those who have faith plan, determine and realize their dreams. They achieve what they determine.
They do not rely on luck, are not subject to the enemy’s curses or plagues…
They do not walk according to the counsel of the wicked or sit in the seat of mockers.

The breath of the Life of God is faith.
The Spirit of God is Life and without Him there is no faith, there is no breath, there is no life.
Jesus is the Author and Finisher of faith. This is, He is the Author of Life.

Soon after His resurrection, Jesus appeared to the disciples and breathed into them the breath of His Spirit. Immediately, they abandoned doubts, fears, concerns and came out of hiding to take to the streets and announce the Resurrection of Jesus.

For this reason, they were exposed to persecutions by religious leaders. Nowadays we see the opposite among many believers, who are supposedly sealed with the Holy Spirit. They have turned away from confronting hell. They run away because they do not believe in Who they claim to believe.

As oxygen is the breath of life on earth, so is the faith of God: it is God’s breath for our earthly and eternal life.

The Word of God reveals the character of God, His honor, His dignity, His Greatness, His Justice, His mercy and His faith.

The same is true in regards to the character of a person; it involves their word, honor, dignity.
Man’s moral values ​​reflect his spiritual values.

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