The prestigious Universal Church

The Universal Church is the fifth most prestigious institution among Brazilians. This is the result of a survey conducted by Datafolha, released on Wednesday (18). Of the 2,842 people interviewed in 172 cities, 35% placed the Church in fifth place in the ranking, putting it ahead of the Judicial branch (34%) and the Presidency (21%).

But, what makes the Universal Church, with only 37 years of existence, rank higher in this survey then historically important institutions such as the Presidency? The answer may lie in the service the Church offers to the population. Millions of people, from North to South, have found answers to the most diverse dilemmas in the Universal Church.

With intelligence and understanding, the Church identifies the problems that afflict people and guides them to a solution. This is, while many isolate themselves, the Church seeks to add and reintegrate, thus fulfilling its role in society. For example, some of its work may be seen in various social and cultural activities with young people, such as bringing hope to inmates, transmitting faith to overcome illnesses and financial problems, the right word that lead to a change in a marriage or relationship, in the welfare of the homeless, in the treatment for the healing of addictions, etc. In fact, many people, after not finding a satisfactory answer in various other places they asked for help, desperately reach their “last resort”. However, once they are delivered and restored, not only are they helped, but their families and the environment in which they live also benefit.

The Universal Church, which has the faith in the Word of God as its motto, today sees the results of this determination, which was established at the beginning of its journey. To be considered the fifth most prestigious institution in the country shows that despite the resistance it faced for so long, the mistakes it made and the many injustices through which it passed, always believed in its potential to lead the discredited to find their true worth. Proof of this are the numerous testimonies of people from different regions, which, after being humiliated, conquered a prominent position in society.

As the Church has grown over the past 37 years, regardless of criticism and persecution, it will certainly continue to grow, because its only focus is its work on behalf of mankind, leading it to recognize its strength and overcome itself, even when no one else believes.

Those who make up the Universal Church are people who discover their own courage and go beyond their limits, not only believing, but creating what they do not see. They are the reflection of the Church.

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