The power of our intentions

May the BLESSINGS of today rest upon you for the rest of your life, in the Name of the Almighty!

Today’s tip is about HAPPINESS.

A person that is religious, charitable, kind, does not live in sin, is of faith and baptized with the Holy Spirit, but HARBORS WITHIN HIMSELF GREED, WHICH IS SELFISH, PERSONAL AND BAD, sooner or later, HE WILL FALL INTO TEMPTATION. I don’t know if he will be able to lift himself back up…

On the other hand, the most wicked, vilest sinner, who may even be an instrument of satan, but if he HARBORS WITHIN HIMSELF, DEEP DOWN IN HIS SOUL, THE DESIRE TO ABANDON THAT LIFE AND LIVE WITHIN THE CORRECT STANDARDS OF JUSTICE, sooner or later the Almighty will give him the CHANCE TO START A NEW LIFE.

These two extremes demonstrate the POWER OF THE HEART’S INTENTIONS, for GOOD or EVIL. Everyone is free to choose. Each person, ACCORDING TO THEIR REASON, must decide for himself.

This is why the Lord Jesus prophesied that happiness is intended only for those who HUNGER AND THIRST FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS. In other words, it is given to those who INTEND TO LIVE RIGHTEOUSLY.


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