The Path of Justice

God has given us the right to choose. He shows us the path of life and death. The path of life is the path of justice, and the path of death is the path of injustice. We are the ones that decide which path to take!

Usually, people put the blame on others. However, this doesn’t happen when it has to do with something good, because when it’s good, they want all the credit for themselves. But when things start going wrong, they are ready to point the finger at someone else.

We know that the spirit of God and the spirit of the devil are in the world. God does not force anyone to walk with Him, but when a person decides to walk with Him, there is a charge from Him to have the person walk in righteousness. Since He is Pure and Holy, He cannot walk with an unrighteous person.

However, He wants to save the unrighteous who have suffered the consequences of the spirit of injustice: poverty, disease, betrayals, lies, etc. For this reason, God gives the person a tool, which is supernatural faith, a sacrificial faith, so that he can come before Him, who is Holy and Pure.

God charges the person to be holy like He is Holy:

…It is written: ‘Be holy, for I am holy. 1 Peter 1.16

Just like God charges me to be holy, this is, to be righteous, I can also charge God to do His Justice.

It is impossible to live in an unrighteous world and not be a victim of injustice; this is why God allows His righteous to be wronged, so they can express their faith and charge Him for His Justice. God gives me the right to demand His Justice because He charges me to walk in His Holiness!

When God appeared to Abraham, He presented Himself as the Almighty God and said:

…walk before Me and be blameless. Genesis 17.1

Wouldn’t this be God charging Abraham to walk in righteousness? This is why, when Abraham knew that Sodom and Gomorrah would be destroyed, he came before the presence of God, and charged Him for His righteousness by saying:

Would You also destroy the righteous with the wicked? (…) Far be it from You. (…) Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right? Genesis 18.23-25

God knew that there were righteous people in Sodom, but He allowed this to happen so that one of His righteous would cry out for justice, and this person was Abraham!!!

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