The oil and the talents

After the example of the virgins, the Lord Jesus continued speaking about the Kingdom of Heaven, comparing it to the multiplication of the talents.

For the kingdom of heaven is like a man traveling to a far country, who called his own servants and delivered his goods to them. Matthew 25.14

This is, just like they could not lack oil, they also needed to multiply their talents.

What is the difference between the imprudent, foolish virgins and the bad, negligent, useless servant that did not multiply his talent?

There is no difference! Both will remain outside!

The foolish virgins did not enter, and neither did the unprofitable servant.

The virgins that had oil and the good and faithful servants that multiplied their talents entered into the joy of the Lord.

The servant was called wicked and lazy for giving back the one talent he received. He did not give back less, he did not lose it, he simply did not multiply it, he made no difference.

The Lord wanted to receive more than He had given.

In abundance or in shortage, we can prove if we are good and faithful.

It does not matter if we have 5, 2 or 1 talent. What we have to do is multiply the souls and disciples for the Kingdom of Heaven.

The price of the oil, which is the surrender of our life on the Altar, in obedience, is the same for both the rich and the poor, thus giving equal conditions to all.

Only those who really don’t want to pay for the oil won’t pay for it.

The five foolish virgins could have paid for the oil, but they didn’t.

The same happens with the talents: every servant has the ability to multiply them, only those who don’t want to multiply them won’t.

Those who are negligent will remain outside with the foolish when the door closes.

Multiplying the talents is as necessary as having oil.

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