The offering, the Temple and you

I must say that the lack of knowledge has led some to criticize the construction of the Temple of Solomon.

I understand that with so many social injustices, some of our critics are offended by the “excessive cost” of this construction, which is so significant to us and so offensive to them.

However, truth be told, these unbelievers that criticize us need to know that we live in a free country. Every citizen has the right to do whatever he or she wants with their money. I have the right to spend my money however I choose to. Nobody has the right to stick their nose where they were not called.

All the tithes and offerings that were collected came from people who, by their own free will, wished to join us on this project. We asked for offerings for this purpose. Other tithes and offerings went towards other social works of the Universal Church. However, there was a union of faith, purpose, and, above all, determination to realize the dream of the people of the Universal Church.

Many tithes, offerings, purposes, bazaars, seminars and other donations were deposited on the Altar for the Temple.

Therefore, we listened to the people’s outcry of faith and acted upon it.

What sin can you find in this?

The question to these critics is: Would it be fair to ask for offerings, tithes and donations to build the Temple and then spend them on something else?

The project for which the donations were requested was executed by the will and generosity of these people of faith.

The Temple of Solomon cost sweat, blood and tears, but we came through as promised and, by the will of our Lord and God, fulfilled everyone’s desire.

My apologies to the envious unbelievers, but you are going to have to witness, up close, these people of faith glorifying the Almighty God in this Holy Place.

May our God of Glory be glorified in our lives!

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