The most famous witchdoctor in Brazil

My name is Fabiano Jacob, and at the age of 15 I was the most famous witchdoctor in Brazil (known as MillenniuM), with two books published by Madras and a DVD on the subject, registered in Ancine.

I taught thousands of workshops, lectures, courses; I treated thousands of people and, erroneously, believed to be working on behalf of Good, since I “freed” people of demons, witchcraft, etc. But today I understand this was just another one of the devil’s tricks.

I am involved in politics; I ran for councilor and, recently, for congressman, where I received 5,000 votes here in Rio de Janeiro, without any sort of campaign. I didn’t invest in a campaign because I am currently suffering a brutal political persecution that led to me having to sustain the 200 children at my nursery here in the favela of Dende. This happened last year, and I received no help from city hall.

Ever since I decided to turn away from that deceptive lifestyle and begin seeking the One True God, I have been passing through the greatest desert of my life.

But now I know in my heart what is my destiny, which is to serve the Almighty God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

I am thankful for a modest pastor… Even though I had a privileged education, owned several businesses, including the largest insurance group in Latin America and spoke 3 languages, I found true wisdom in the pastor whose been helping and guiding me, and showed me the true Word of God.

That’s right, I found myself in a small Universal Church! In the favela, in a fixed up garage, but where the Word of God flows with the force of a thousand armies!

I made sure to send you this email because there are three special reasons you should rejoice:

1- a former servant of the devil (though I did not know what I did was wrong) converted and accepted the Light of God with the help of the Universal Church.
2- this new man wants to serve God, to surrender to the work of the Lord.
3- there is a humble, serious, true man of God in the Dende favela. The Church is more than well represented by Pastor Filipi Michel.

I thank the Almighty God for giving me a new life, and you who, with your faith, motivate and give direction to the Church of the LIVING Christ… And with it, save millions of souls and lives.

May you always be blessed!

Fabiano Jacob

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